Refer a Friend – Terms and Conditions

The title of this programme is ‘Refer a Friend’ (‘RaF Programme’).

1. The RaF Programme is promoted by Halo Financial Limited. Registered office: Battersea Studios 2, 82 Silverthorne Road, London SW8 3HE. Registered Company No. 5155787.

2. By participating in the RaF Programme, the person making the referral (‘you’, ‘your’) agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions (collectively, the “Terms”) of Halo Financial (‘we‘, ‘us‘, ‘our’ or ‘Company’).  If you do not agree to these Terms in their entirety you are not authorised to be a referrer or participate in the promotion in any manner.

4. The RaF Programme runs from 01 July 2017. Referrals made before this date will not qualify for this promotion.

5. In order to participate in the RaF Programme, you, as the person making the referral, must:

– Be a registered private client with an active Halo Financial trading facility.
– Not be a business entity or corporate client.
– Not be an employee or a close relative of an employee of Halo Financial.
– Not be an employee of any other company engaged in direct competition with us.
– Not have any introduction or introduction-type arrangement with us.
– Not reside at the same address as the Referred Friend.
– Not reside in the US.
– Be 18 years or older.

6. For the purposes of the RaF Programme, a “Referred Friend” means any qualified referral that meets the following conditions:

– When the Referred Friend completes the registration form he/she must quote the current customer of Halo’s full name and Trading Facility Number in the ‘How did you hear about us?’ section.  If the Referred Friend does not do this, the Referred Friend will not count as a qualified referral and will not count toward the offer.
– The Referred Friend is a new client to Halo Financial and has not been previously registered with us.
– The Referred Friend becomes a new private client by successfully opening a trading facility and trading a minimum of £10,000 (or foreign currency equivalent) in one or more trades and have settled the trade(s) in full and the purchased currency has been sent (‘Qualifying Trade’).
– The Referred Friend must be 18 years or older.

Halo Financial reserves the right to decline an application for a trading facility at its sole discretion and for whatever reason and as such not all applicants will be successful in their application.

7. You must have an existing personal relationship with the Referred Friend.  A “personal relationship” means your friends and colleagues who you know well and with whom you have had interactive, direct, voluntary communications.  You must believe that they would like to be contacted by us and by providing us with your friend’s contact details you confirm that you have obtained their consent for, and are requesting and authorising, us to contact them on your behalf with details of our products or services.  You also consent to the use of your name in the communication we have with your friend.

8. You can only refer up to 5 Referred Friends pursuant to this RaF Programme. The referral of a 6th or greater person(s) by you or on your behalf, shall not qualify under this programme and will not incur any payment from Halo Financial to you in any respect.  You can only refer any person once.

9. Only after the referral has been qualified will you and the Referred Friend be eligible for an gift voucher.  Only one voucher per qualified referral will be sent to each of you, as the referrer, and the Referred Friend once a Qualifying Trade has been executed – additional or subsequent trades do not trigger further vouchers to be sent in this RaF Programme.  Under this programme the Referred Friend will receive a voucher to the value of £25 and the value of the voucher you receive as the referrer will depend on the number of Referred Friends you refer, as follows:

£25 for your 1st referral
£50 for your 2nd referral
£75 for your 3rd referral
£125 for your 4th referral
£225 for your 5th referral

10.You must respect the spirit of the promotion by only referring Referred Friends who meet the requirements of these Terms.  You cannot refer yourself including via a joint trading facility, the trading facility of a family member including but not limited to, your spouse, common law partner, civil partner, child, step child, parent, parents-in-law or grandparent or the trading facility of a member of the same household as you.

11. You shall not, and shall ensure that your referrals do not, perform any of the following activities:

– Create or operate multiple or fake accounts with Halo Financial or participate in the programme using multiple or fake email addresses or identities.
– Register and open a trading facility on behalf of another person.
– Allow any third parties to publish your referral link on their websites, social media or other marketing materials.
– Offer incentives or rewards to perspective referrals to encourage them to apply for a Halo Financial trading facility.
– Create or employ any mechanism designed to artificially or automatically generate Halo Financial trading facility registrations.
– Register for a Halo Financial trading facility using counterfeit, forged, imitated, stolen or otherwise altered identification documents.
– Artificially attempt to generate accounts by use of deception or misrepresentation.
– Commit, or collude with others to commit, fraudulent activity.

12. Halo Financial reserves the right to audit all referrals to make sure they meet the qualifying criteria.  This may delay the sending of the vouchers for the purposes of investigation and could lead to your exclusion from this programme if we believe you have tried to benefit from referrals and or trades not made in good faith to simply take advantage of the programme. We will act in a manner deemed to be fair to all parties, but are not obliged to provide a reason for such exclusion.  This may include you having your trading facility suspended indefinitely.

13. This programme is not available in conjunction with any other and is only available for private client accounts with Halo Financial.

14. This programme is not applicable to our Regular Currency Transfers service.

15. No responsibility can be accepted for referrals not received for whatever reason.

16. Halo Financial reserves the right to withdraw or amend the promotion and to change or modify these Terms, without notice, at its sole discretion at any time.  Changes will be effective as soon as they are published on the Halo Financial website. By continuing to participate in the RaF Programme you shall be deemed to accept such changes.

17. This promotion and Halo Financial are in no way associated with other than the fact that we will supply vouchers as reward for client referrals.  Any queries regarding this promotion up to and including the issuing of vouchers, should be directed to Halo Financial.  Any queries regarding the redemption of issued vouchers should be directed directly to

18. gift vouchers expire ten years from the date of issuance, are non-transferable and there is no cash alternative, except as required by law.  If Amazon ceases to trade or becomes insolvent, Halo Financial will not in any way be liable to you or your Referred Friend. The programme is subject to availability and we reserve the right to substitute the voucher for something of an equivalent value at any time without giving notice.

19. Amazon EU S.à r.l. is not a sponsor of this promotion. Except as required by law, Amazon EU S.à r.l. Gift Cards (“GCs”) cannot be transferred for value or redeemed for cash. For complete terms and conditions relating to the use of GCs, see GCs are issued by Amazon EU S.à r.l., a Luxembourg entity. ©, ®, ™ Amazon EU S.à r.l., and/or its affiliates.

20. Vouchers will be sent within 20 working days of the end of the month in which the qualifying trade is completed by the Referred Friend.

21. Halo Financial takes its obligations in respect of your personal data very seriously and all information provided to us will be used in conjunction with our Privacy Policy and the Data Protection Act

22. These Terms will be governed and construed in accordance with English Law and any dispute pursuant to these Terms shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.

Any queries please contact your Halo Financial Consultant.