Resilient Britons are shrugging off Brexit and are not being deterred from continuing with their dreams and major life choices.

That’s one of the main findings of this year’s Brexit survey, commissioned by leading foreign exchange specialist, Ha

lo Financial. Halo posed questions to 300 clients in their January 2019 annual survey on their opinions of Brexit, the current state of the economy and thoughts on currency exchange.

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While Brexit ranked highly in respondents’ main concerns in today’s news (50%), along with UK politics at 16%, when asked if Brexit has affected life choices in the last two years, around two-thirds of respondents (64.44%) said no, while 35.56% said yes.

It was a similar story when respondents were asked if they had delayed any major decisions due to Brexit, with 64.79% saying no and 35.21% saying yes.

Brexit has affected finances but not dampened dreams

The biggest decision that was affected by Brexit in both cases was Sending Money Overseas, with 56%, followed by travel, at 20%. Only 14% said Brexit had affected their decision to buy property abroad and 11% that it had delayed their decision to emigrate.

Survey respondents were keen to point out the effects of Brexit on their finances, however, with almost 60% saying their finances had been affected by Brexit – something that Halo has been happy to help mitigate where possible.

A crisis of confidence?

It is clear that the lengthy uncertainty has taken its toll on confidence. When asked in January, 50% said they did not think a Brexit deal will be reached in time and over 60% said they do not trust either the UK government or the EU to reach a deal.

Getting the right guidance more important now than ever

Daniel BDan Barker, Head of Private Client at Halo Financial, says, “Our survey suggests that most Britons are not allowing Brexit to deter them from pursuing their dreams.  Our clients are already making bold decisions to buy property overseas or move to a new country, so it’s typical that they would see exchange rate volatility and price uncertainty as an opportunity.”

“Few people realise that one of the most vital considerations when looking to move overseas or buy property abroad is getting the right help with your foreign currency transactions. Handling your foreign exchange strategically, with guidance on what the markets mean for your individual circumstances, genuinely pays off. Don’t underestimate the importance of seeking specialist help to shore up your international finances in these times of uncertainty.”

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Notes to editors

The Halo Story

Halo Financial are currency specialists, offering a comprehensive range of tailored currency services to individuals and businesses since 2005. At Halo Financial, our team make a genuine difference to our clients by caring enough to build meaningful relationships. We work in close collaboration with our professional partners to create bespoke currency strategies and services for our clients.

Honesty, Integrity, Collaboration

In a crowded and increasingly impersonal marketplace, Halo Financial brings honesty, insight, knowledge and the human touch to every interaction with our clients.  We believe, as our clients do, that not everything can be automated. At Halo Financial, we’re all about real relationships and genuine collaboration. Our clients, partners and team are all real people, never a number. We won’t jam up your inbox with jargon or fob you off to a distant call centre.

We pride ourselves on offering a flexible and personalised approach for every client, simplifying the seemingly complex foreign exchange market to protect against and make the whole process easier. With a team of qualified technical analysts, the company is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority and regulated by HM Revenue and Customs.

The Halo Heroes: Our Clients

Our clients tell us time and again that we have helped them make their currency transfers better: easier, quicker – with no fuss and a friendly voice at the end of the phone.

We know that the people we work with are special: the go-getters, the doers; ready to try something different. And we’re different, too.

90% of our clients come back to us to make more international money transfers and recommend our currency services to friends, family and colleagues. That really means a lot to us – we’re always striving to keep people happy and provide a great experience.

 “Excellent”, “Reliable”, “Professional”, “Knowledgeable”, and “Helpful”– just some of the great feedback received as a Gold Trusted Service Provider. The team at Halo is proud that customers rate their services so highly and are happy to recommend to others. The company is always striving to provide the best possible service and innovate services and products in line with clients’ ever-evolving needs.

Halo Financial has 5 out 5 Star Customer Gold Merchant Status via independent review website,, this year winning their Gold Trusted Service award for the fifth year running.

Halo Financial: helping you find a better way to transfer money around the world – and more.

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