Dominated by Brexit since June 2016, the UK’s economic and political context of trade has triggered concerns, making Brexit the backdrop to all the UK’s trading relationships, for goods, services and with EU- or outside-the-block- partners, and highlights the real challenge for the UK, steering through what will be a difficult year in 2018.

Addressing the Brexit and trade debate

Leading specialists in international trade, export, commodity and supply chain finance conferences, Global Trade Review (GTR) holds over 20 events around the world each year, returning with its flagship event to London on 7th June: the UK Trade & Export Finance Conference 2018.

Enjoying close relationships with the industry’s primary decision makers, the event will once again bring together expert speakers and present over 500 attendees with multiple streams, on-stage debates, roundtables, workshops and competitions, designed to address the UK’s status in the world of global trade from different points of views and identify new export markets, now the UK corporates’ priority to broaden export horizons.

Panels of speakers will detail the new UK Export Strategy, the measures taken to encourage more companies to export, particularly SMEs, and point out market opportunities following trends like blockchain technologies, or a greater focus on the role of the Commonwealth, alternative providers and their latest offerings, government support mechanisms and where this new environment leaves the financial services sector.

Engaging with companies that combine big data and geopolitical expertise to gain insights into UK trade at the regional, national and international level, speakers will consider the country’s working capital through its participation in global supply chains, ties with partners like India, the Gulf and the GCC, and highlight the UK’s trading prospects against a backdrop of heightened instability across a range of sectors, their risks and linked opportunities for global trade and investment.

Sharing success stories

Those who have been successful in conducting trade activities across the country will shine a light on some key markets where opportunities for UK companies can be found, and will end with each industries’ role in the post-Brexit strategy.
Speakers at the event include:

  • Adam Marshall, Director General, British Chambers of Commerce (BCC)
  • Adam Nemenyi, Managing Director, Aerospares 2000
  • Arnaud De Montille, Co-Founder, Merci Maman
  • Baihas Baghdadi, Managing Director, Global Head of Trade & Working Capital, Barclays
  • David Salter, Head of Funded Trade Finance, NatWest
  • Emma McClarkin MEP, Member of the Committee on International Trade, European Parliament
  • Guy Platten, Chief Executive Officer, UK Chamber of Shipping
  • Ian Howells, Senior Vice-President, Honda Motor Europe
  • Jim Rollo, Deputy Director, UK Trade Policy Observatory; Associate Fellow, Global Economy & Finance, Chatham House
  • Lucinda O'Reilly, Marketing Director & Head of Global Exports, Ecotile Flooring
  • Richard Burge, Chief Executive Officer, Commonwealth Enterprise & Investment Council (CWEIC)
  • Richard Simon-Lewis, Head of Origination, Client Coverage, Marketing & Communication, UK Export Finance
  • Rt Hon Sir Hugo Swire KCMG MP, Deputy Chairman, Commonwealth Enterprise & Investment Council (CWEIC); Former Foreign & Commonwealth Office Minister of State
  • Terry Scuoler, Chairman, Institute of Export & International Trade

Join the debate

Free passes for the conference are available exclusively for corporates – representing importers, exporters, traders, distributors, manufacturers and producers of physical goods.

Join this event to make valuable contacts and find out about strategies and solutions. Receive up to 100% off, depending on your industry and sector. Contact Judith via to find out more, or visit the event page.

An updated list of registered companies is uploaded regularly onto the events page, here.

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