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How Will UK Expat Healthcare Be Affected Post Brexit

Discover the healthcare changes for new and existing UK expats living in the EU post-Brexit - Here we break down some of the post-Brexit changes with regard to healthcare when travelling and living in EU countries.
How will Brexit impact manufacturing

Brexit Impact On UK and Eurozone Manufacturing

Brexit developments caused manufacturing output to increase for both the UK and Eurozone during the end of 2020. With post-Brexit now fully underway, it’s thought that the UK’s new Brexit trade deal with the EU could ...
UK Business Economy

How Has Brexit Impacted British International Trade

Whilst British goods remain valuable in the overseas market, many UK businesses are facing post-Brexit trading uncertainty.

Eurozone GDP Set to Contract during first Quarter of 2021

Following an increase in lockdown restrictions, economists have downgraded Eurozone GDP forecasts for 2021.
Financial services - London

Disruptions To UK Financial Services Post-Brexit

Following the Brexit transition period, there have been a number of disruptions impacting cross border financial services. Read about the effect of Brexit on UK Financial Services sector...
No-deal Brexit risk between EU and UK

Pound Sterling Expected To Recover From Brexit Anxieties

UK market sentiment appears to be improving with Brexit related issues taking a backseat and vaccine progressions at the forefront.

Uk Services Sector Set To Improve In 2021

Despite a year of uncertainty, it is expected that the services sector will see growth during quarter 2 of 2021.

Industry insight: The impact of Brexit on the UK’s gaming industry

Dr Jo Twist, CEO of UKIE gives her opinions on what the UK gaming industry should be aware of post-Brexit in 2021. Read our useful insight into this popular industry.
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Fresh UK-EU row erupts as Barnier mocks Brexit Britain

British pound to euro exchange rate softens as UK-EU Brexit row erupts. President Christine Lagarde also talks up EUR in ECB monetary policy meeting. According to reports, the UK has refused EU Ambassador diplomatic privileges and immunities as ...
Brexit - UK-US trade deal

How Could Brexit affect trade with the US?

Though the UK has established a trade deal with the EU, will a trade deal be possible with the US under the Biden administration?

Immigration Vital for Ireland’s Economic Growth

As Ireland continues to struggle with unemployment, it’s thought that increased immigration will help strengthen the economy.
A palette and a brush with the European flag on painting the UK flag on a wall, symbolising the impact of Brexit on UK art.

Will Brexit Impact the UK Art Market in 2021 – Key Insights from Olyvia Kwok

Whilst Brexit has the potential to impact the UK art industry in many ways, Olyvia Kwok sees it as an opportunity for independence.
Politic relationship between Europe Union and Great Britain. Brexit concept

How will Brexit impact the UK’s coronavirus-ravaged economy?

Following the UK’s trade deal with the EU, discover how the UK economy could be affected post-Brexit.
UK Property Market

How will Brexit affect the property market and impact prices

With the end of the Brexit transition period looming, we’ve covered all the pressing questions about how Brexit may affect the UK property market. For the facts and latest opinions read more...