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Protect your profit margins

Volatile exchange rates could be damaging your business...

Becoming victim to currency fluctuations can put pressure on international businesses and hurt your profit margins, highlighting the need for expert foreign exchange advice.

At Halo, we work with you to prevent fluctuations from affecting your profit margins through proactive communication, specialist knowledge and a variety of flexible services. 

Telltale signs your company is losing money to foreign currency exchange Switching to Halo Financial today, your business would benefit from:
You deal exclusively with your bank because it's what the company has always done
The equivalent of an in-house foreign exchange department without the cost
You deal with foreign exchange conversions when the time allows, rather than allowing time to wait for the right moment
A dedicated and qualified currency expert to help you make the right decisions - every time
x Your profit margins are being eroded more often than improved by exchange rate volatility
Proactive risk management of your daily, weekly, monthly and annual FX requirements
x You still believe that currency trading is nothing more than a 'win some, lose some' process
Regular currency market updates that are understandable and easy to act on
x You feel ignored by your bank
Exchange rates monitored 24/7 to maximise your ability to get the best deal
x You're frustrated by the whole process
Better-than-bank exchange rates that save your business money
Immediate execution and fast payments to reduce wasted time
Free currency transfers

Our commitment to deliver a great customer experience, the best rates available in the market and a jargon-free first class service, results in a positive and profitable experience for our clients. Find out more about our process and how you can get the competitive advantage or use the form below to receive your free currency audit and to see how your company can benefit.

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Live interbank rates(non-tradeable)

GBP  GBP Exchange Rates
Updated: 10:02 18/10/2017
Popular rates CCY Rate
Australian Dollar Australian Dollar AUD 1.6815
Canadian Dollar Canadian Dollar CAD 1.6482
Euro Euro EUR 1.1208
Japanese Yen Japanese Yen JPY 148
New Zealand Dollar New Zealand Dollar NZD 1.8465
United States Dollar United States Dollar USD 1.316
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