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Domestic coronavirus passports

Will a third COVID wave hit the UK this summer

UK government has confirmed the easing of England’s lockdown despite warnings from scientists about a possible third wave hitting this summer. UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that phase two of England's lockdown exit strategy would go ahead as planned on April 12th as Britain's coronavirus situation does not...
International pandemic treaty

World leaders gather in call for global treaty

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has joined 22 other world leaders and the WHO amid calls for an international pandemic treaty for future emergencies. A joint statement released by the world leaders wrote...
UK government signs a coronavirus vaccine deal

UK vaccine plan and AstraZeneca vaccine data

AstraZeneca has downgraded its vaccine data following backlash from US watchdogs. Prime Minister Boris Johnson plans to introduce vaccine passports.
uk property boom 2020

UK house prices and property market set for a strong 2021

UK house prices hit six-year highs in 2020 due to the stamp duty holiday. Despite lockdown, the property market’s outlook remains positive for 2021.
Coronavurus vaccine

UK vaccine success built on greed says Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson faces criticism after stating: “UK vaccine success is built on greed and capitalism”. Children in the UK could receive vaccines by August. While Mr Johnson was quick to backtrack on his statement, Nick Dearden, director of the group Global Justice Now, said...
Coronavurus vaccine

Britain marks a year since first national lockdown

A year on from the UK’s first COVID-19 lockdown and the pandemic is still affecting our lives. March 23rd marks a year since UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the first national lockdown in England. In a televised address to the nation this morning, Mr Johnson said...
EMA urges people to continue receiving jabs

COVID-19: EU export ban will delay the UK’s vaccine rollout

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is expected to urge the EU to dismiss any vaccine export ban proposals, warning it will risk more lives. If the EU decides to impose a vaccine export ban, this could also derail UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson's lockdown exit roadmap, and in turn...
Vaccine shortages in the EU and UK

EU to lift AstraZeneca ban after linking jab to blood clots

EU on the brink of lifting the AstraZeneca ban. UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson to discuss lockdown at today’s coronavirus press briefing. UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson will make an urgent televised address to the nation at 5pm tonight amid rising panic over vaccine supplies and the Oxford jab's safety...
Lockdown lifting roadmap

Lifting UK lockdown restrictions to be eased in five week intervals

Get the full breakdown of Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s lockdown exit strategy, with the aim to gradually reopen the UK economy in four stages. UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson unveiled details of his lockdown exit plan last month, which was a relief to many given the impact ...
EU Belgium

COVID-19: EU threatens to block vaccine exports to the UK

The EU has threatened to block COVID jab exports to protect their dwindling supply which could wreak havoc for Britons with half-term holiday plans. European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen lashed out at AstraZeneca for "under-producing and under-delivering" vaccine doses to the bloc, blaming...

COVID-19 passport enters trials, buoying summer travel hopes

British Airways trialling vaccination passports, which will be free of charge for UK tourists travelling to the EU. British Airways announces that the airline is trialling an in-house online system that will allow passengers to store COVID-19 passports and testing certificates in a mobile app...
AstraZeneca Oxford vaccine

Does the Oxford-AstraZeneca jab cause blood clots

The UK's National Statistician, Sir Ian Diamond, warns that a third COVID wave will hit Britain in autumn despite declining coronavirus deaths, cases and hospitalisations. Ireland suspends the AstraZeneca vaccine amid blood clot rumours...
AstraZeneca Oxford vaccine

Mark Drakeford lifts lockdown in Wales

Wales First Minister Mark Drakeford will lift lockdown restrictions on the weekend. European countries suspend the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine. After Denmark raised safety concerns about death and illness in recipients of the AstraZeneca jab, nine European countries - Austria, Denmark, Estonia, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg and Norway, suspended the rollout of the vaccine

Can GBP extend its vaccine-driven climb against EUR and USD?

Professor Chris Whitty warns of a fourth COVID wave as lockdown restrictions ease. UK government close coronavirus hospitals. Professor Chris Whitty warns of a fourth COVID wave as lockdown restrictions ease. UK government close coronavirus hospitals.
COVID-19 mutations raise concerns

Chris Whitty warns of lockdown roadmap risks

Professor Chris Whitty warns of a fourth COVID wave as lockdown restrictions ease. UK government close coronavirus hospitals. Professor Chris Whitty warns of a fourth COVID wave as lockdown restrictions ease. UK government close coronavirus hospitals.
UK Coronavirus lockdown

UK Coronavirus restrictions could be lifted in June

As the UK continues to battle through its third national coronavirus lockdown, vaccine progressions and recent comments from UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson are significantly improving the UK’s outlook for the future. Mr Johnson addressed the House of Commons today outlining his roadmap to gradually bring the UK out of lockdown. The Prime Minister stated...
Boris Johnson

UK lockdown restrictions to be eased in five-week intervals

PM Boris Johnson unveiled his COVID exit roadmap for England today, including key lockdown dates for pubs, shops, salons and gyms. England's lockdown will be eased in five-week intervals, with stage one of the exit plan commencing on...
japan recession

Potential COVID-19 Resurgence – What does this mean for currency markets

Whilst global coronavirus rates are on the decline, the uncertainty of how long vaccines remain effective, leave the long term future of currencies unknown. Japan is facing economic uncertainty as a result a new coronavirus variant. Japan published...