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December 2016

Phew what a year!

Published: Friday 23 December 2016

2016 - a year like we’ve never seen, some stories good but some obscene
So as we wave the year goodbye, let’s have a look at what’s gone by
North Korea tested an Atomic bomb and we said goodbye to Major Tom
And Cuba came in from the cold while Syria began to inwardly fold
Our Queen Liz blew out 90 candles, Corbett bowed out but left us ‘fork ‘andles’
Route 66 was 90 too but they shot Harambe in Cincinnati Zoo
Russia intervened in the Middle East as the bear became a bloody beast
China heard America moan ‘Oi Mister, give us back our drone.”
Great Britain voted to get out of the EU but there’s grief about
As Bremainers vie to foil the plans of the Brexiteers across the land
But Brit athletes won a record haul while Trump promised a Mexican wall
And Theresa took over from ‘call me Dave’ and hoped the EU would behave
The Trump campaign left reporters vexed as Melania bootlegged Michelle’s text
But all sides stopped and shed a tear as ‘The Greatest’ hung up his gloves this year
Above us orbited Tim Peake who re-entered after his 26th week
Teaching kids about gravity and such. The space seeds were a lovely touch
John Glenn has also passed away. He was THE spaceman in my day
And Prince ended his Purple Reign. Will paisley be the same again?
But 2016 brought good news too and this one might just surprise you
The Ice Bucket Challenge paid for tests to treat ALS with great success
A clever solar powered plane flew across the world and back again
And Leicester City surprised us all with a whirlwind run in Brit Football
Star Wars made a big comeback with brand new droids and laser attack
The Millennium Falcon, Han and Chewy made all the Jedi fans go gooey
But this amazing year is fading fast and you have to say, it’s been a blast
So we’ll turn to look ahead again and hope that hope is not in vain
Let’s say goodbye to Oh Sixteen and all the good and bad we’ve seen
and look forward to next year in which maybe good things will appear
Perhaps boffins will find a cure for diseases that so many endure
Let’s hope they can win some peace for poor souls in the Middle East
Maybe, just maybe, Trump will be a benefit to you and me
And perhaps the EU and UK will find there is a reasoned way
So as we prep for Auld Lang Syne and take that cup - with extra kindness
We’ll hope we are all running into a 2017 that’s stunning
Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Holidays and a very Happy New Year to everyone.


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by David Johnson
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