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Halo Financial

Growing Overseas Property Investment with Foreign Exchange

Published: Thursday 29 October 2015

Last week, we brought together a mix of overseas property agents, developers and specialists - as well as wealth, insurance and banking managers - to reveal the results from our summer survey.

The survey we were revealing was conducted as part of our mission to better understand the overseas property industry, labelled - Growing Overseas Property Investment with Foreign Exchange. As we consider ourselves specialists in the overseas property market, we aim to stay up-to-date with the latest news, trends and most importantly, what the market is demanding. This survey was part of that aim, to understand exactly how important foreign exchange is in the process when dealing with property abroad. 

Mimzee Brewer, Business Development Consultant for Overseas Property, took the stage to reveal the findings and discuss what those findings meant for all of us. Crucially, the findings revealed the importance of forming long-lasting relationships with industry experts. When you are able to recommend currency experts during their property purchasing journey, it shows you care about them and have thought an extra step ahead for them. This creates transparency and trust.

Download your copy of the infographic survey results here

Tom Ives, Private Client Manager, was introduced and talked the room through the client journey at Halo Financial. Currency exchange can sometimes seem daunting and as a partner, you want to know exactly what happens to your valuable customer once they've been referred to us. As manager of the team our customers come through to, Tom was in the perfect position to tell us exactly how it is. 

Peter Robinson, MD of the Association of International Property Professionals (AIPP) - aware that he was the last man between the audience and the bar - made a clear and concise presentation to introduce his organisation and the benefits of becoming a member. 

The evening continued in the bar, with drinks, nibbles, London views and many exchanged business cards. 

Thank you everyone who attended and we hope to see you at our next networking event!