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Halo Financial

What We Did For Red Nose Day!

Published: Friday 13 March 2015

Today was Red Nose Day, so we all got together and got silly to help raise money for Comic Relief. Thank you to our neighbours, Morph Suits, who just so happened to be giving away some of their suits for free this morning! I think I speak on behalf of everyone when I say that we were not expecting to squeeze ourselves into tight red leotards today.

However, it turned into a hilarious experiment and really did end up making the morning. Some of us still had meetings to attend today, but we didn't let this stop us from wearing our suits loud and proud in the name of Comic Relief! One of us made the mistake of picking up a white suit, which really did not leave much to the imagination... Unfortunately, there's no photographic evidence of this, but if you look hard enough in the group photograph at the top you will see that one of us hiding a bit suspiciously! Points go to them for persevering.  


A few of the Halo Team were exhibiting at A Place in the Sun Live in Manchester today, so unfortunately they weren't able to join in the Morph Suit fun back in our London office! However, we did still receive a photograph from them to prove that they were representing Red Nose Day at the show. We have heard from the Team that the event has been very busy today with lots of attendees stopping to find out more information about our services - how could they not with that nose!

Overall, we've had an absolutely great day and raised a substantial amount of funds for Comic Relief. It's all fun dressing up and the novelty of a red nose, but it's important to remember that your donations are going to a great cause to help end poverty across the world. Well done, everyone!