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Emigrating To The USA

Despite ongoing economic issues and some controversial foreign policies, the United States of America remains one of the world’s most popular emigration destinations.

Over 1 million people from all over the world emigrate to the United States each year, with an additional 3.5 million people moving there temporarily for work purposes.

The fact is, even accounting for the country’s much-discussed financial problems, the USA still boasts the world’s largest and most technologically powerful economy.

The American Dream still lives on, with the thought that anyone in the country can make their fortune providing they are prepared to work hard for it.

With 50 states across the country, each is diverse and offers something different from the last. If you’re thinking about emigrating to the USA then you can choose from golden beaches, warm weather all year round, snow-capped mountains or a thriving metropolis – the USA has it all.

However, while so many people manage to emigrate to the USA every year, there are still many more who fail to make the move a success and are forced to return home.

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What to consider when emigrating to the US

If you’re thinking about emigrating to the USA then it’s well worth allowing plenty of time to plan and prepare and spend plenty of time working on your visa application, as this is often the first hurdle.

Before starting what can be a lengthy and expensive process, it’s best to do your research and make sure you are committed to moving to America by looking at some of the following aspects, which will be important in your move:

  • Cost of healthcare
  • Looking into job opportunities
  • Good schools
  • Buying or renting a property (and selling your old one)
  • Pensions and tax rules
  • Cost of living
  • Lifestyle and culture
  • Cost of flights

Depending on the city to which you are looking to move, each of the above scenarios can be incredibly different. Thoroughly researching all aspects of the local area is essential if you want to make your move a success.

What are the most popular expat destinations in the US?

The United States is a particularly popular country for expat/expat-lifestyle employees, with millions arriving each year for work purposes. A popular route is obtaining a  H-1B visa where employers can sponsor skilled workers to live and work in the US for up to 3 years.

According to the InterNations Expat Insider Survey, there are a number of popular US cities amongst expat workers, praising the locations for their job opportunities and friendly people. The most popular US cities for expat employees are as follows:

Miami, Florida

It’s easy to see why Miami ranks as the number one US city amongst expats given the warm climate and picturesque palm tree surroundings. However, there is much more to Miami than just sea and sand, with a range of museums and national parks also on offer. Within the Expat Insider survey, 75% of respondents stated that they felt at home in Miami and 74% loving the local culture.

Houston, Texas

Houston is an incredibly diverse city, with 75% of expats ranking the friendly residents most highly. Houston is the US’ 4th largest city, home to NASA and has a relatively low cost of living. Despite being such a vast city, Houston also boasts beautiful greenery with stunning national parks nearby.

Chicago, Illinois

After New York and Los Angeles, Chicago is the US’s third-biggest city. Chicago contains many great restaurants, museums and impressive architecture. 88% of expats rate the friendliness of the locals and 72% easily adapt to the local culture. Salaries within Chicago are higher than the national average, with many large corporations moving their headquarters to The Windy City.

Boston, Massachusetts

Boston is particularly useful for UK expats given that it has one of the shortest flight times from the UK, making it easier to fly between both countries. With both American and European historical routes, it’s perfect for expats looking for an American lifestyle with European undertones. 66% of expats rate their level of job satisfaction, whilst 62% feel at home in the city.

New York City, New York

It’s easy to see why the Big Apple is so popular with expats with its thriving culture and the hustle and bustle of city life. Split up into five boroughs; Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, and Staten Island, each area provides its own unique flavour. Whilst 67% of expats state that they feel at home in the city, only 41% however, are happy with their work-life balance.

Los Angeles, California

LA is the second-largest city in America known for being home to the stars. With 284 days of sunshine each year, it’s understandable why it’s become such a popular expat destination.  68% of expats find it easy to engage with the local culture whilst 62% rate the friendly locals.

San Francisco, California

San Francisco is known for attracting entrepreneurs, with its financial services industry being the largest contributor to the economy. Healthcare in the city is one of the best in the US, though the area is known for its high cost of living. 74% of expats praise the friendly locals while 72% rate the local culture.

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Transferring money abroad

When emigrating to the United States, it’s also important to consider how you will transfer funds from your UK bank account into your US account. Many people are not aware of the savings that can be made from securing the best exchange rates. It’s, therefore, crucial to seek advice from a foreign exchange specialist like Halo Financial before moving abroad to ensure you save yourself time and money.

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