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Many people dream of purchasing an overseas property</a>; after all, who honestly doesn’t like the idea of owning an overseas bolthole that they can escape to whenever life in the UK becomes too hectic? The popularity of owning a home abroad will be clear for all to see over the coming months, with thousands of Brits expected to flock to not one, but two A Place In The Sun Live exhibitions that are taking place in Manchester between 13th and 15th March and then another in London between 8th to 10th May. If you’d like the opportunity to claim your free ticket for either of these spring shows, which would normally be £10, then please click here.

Undoubtedly one of the major uncertainties of buying a home abroad comes with often not knowing just how much money you will end up paying for your property from the outset. Most overseas property transactions are conducted in the local currency, so the chances are that at some point during the process you will become exposed to fluctuations in the foreign exchange markets. Of course, you could choose to ignore this fact and simply exchange your currency shortly before the transaction is due to be completed. However, should the exchange markets be against you at that particular moment, then you could actually be losing out on potentially thousands of pounds. As soon as you become aware of the approximate value and timescale of your transaction, you are exposed to foreign currency fluctuations. As with most things, good planning is the key to financial success. By engaging the services of foreign currency specialists as soon as you spot the property you want, you can start to plan against any adverse currency fluctuations. With a number of contract choices available to suit your specific currency requirements, you are offered flexibility and an honest service to help you save money.

Not only will our contract and automated orders help protect you from any negative currency fluctuations, but it also allows you to budget sensibly for your purchase, without resorting to risky guess work. Likewise, if you’re emigrating and/or your purchase is reliant on the sale of a UK home – or other such investment – and therefore you are not in a financial position to be able to exchange straight away, than Halo will be able to assist in this situation too. We’re delighted to announce that Halo Financial will be exhibiting at both the aforementioned A Place in the Sun Live exhibitions, which will also be featuring a range of property agents from numerous countries, lawyers and other experts, including famous presenters of the hit Channel 4 programme. Exhibitions such as these are the perfect location to find out everything you need about buying a property abroad under one roof.

And by taking a few minutes to stop by the Halo Financial stand C14 in Manchester and stand C103 in London, you’ll leave fully confident that you’ll be able to secure the best price possible for any home that happens to take your fancy.

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