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What is the Healthiest Country in the World?

Given the current state of affairs due to Coronavirus, asking the question of “What is the healthiest country in the world?” seems like an odd one. But regardless of the pandemic, there are a collection of countries which have come out on top when it comes to overall health...
City of Arts and Sciences, Valencia, Spain

Valencia tops expat insider survey

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This guide covers the findings of the Expat Insider Survey 2020 and what British expats love about these high-ranking destinations. See what expats love about Valencia and which cities didn't rank so well, and what reasons British expats gave for the poor ratings...
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Most popular areas of France for British expats revealed

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Thousands of Brits opt for the French way of life. But where exactly are the most popular places to live in France? There are over 200,000 British expats living in France, and the most popular place for the British to live in France (including Paris) is...
Guide to living in New Zealand

New Zealand Property Prices Continue To Soar

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As New Zealand property prices continue to surge, the government must also address the issue of shortage in housing supply. Data released during November 2020 has indicated that property prices in New Zealand rose at...
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European countries amongst favourite expat destinations

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The latest HSBC Expat Explorer survey reveals five European countries which rank highly amongst expats but who comes out on top? The survey shows that the European country desired most by Expats is...
Emigrating to France

Paris number one in worldwide cost of living survey

The pandemic has caused a shift in the rankings in the economists most recent Worldwide Cost of Living Survey. See which cities were listed as joint first place in the most recent annual Worldwide Cost of Living survey...
International property

Purchasing overseas property post-Brexit and COVID-19

If you want to buy an overseas home, or make an international investment, avoid post-Brexit and COVID-19 pitfalls with our guidelines. While the coronavirus pandemic has adversely affected those hoping to buy property in Spain, prospective buyers will also be ...

Top Countries with ‘world’s best migration schemes’

Portugal and Malta have been declared the best migration schemes in the world for the third year running.
Retirement overseas

Brexit outweighs COVID-19 crisis for those retiring abroad

While the risk of a second wave of COVID-19 is influencing overseas retirement plans, Brexit uncertainty is having a more decisive impact. Surprisingly, Brexit outweighs the COVID-19 crisis with regards to retiring overseas as...
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Where do British expats go? The most popular destinations for British expats

UK expats looking to move away overseas are considering new options in Europe and beyond, with Australia among the top choices for emigration destinations, boosted by new, long-haul flights and incentives to move Down Under.
COVID-19 virus

What Does Coronavirus Lockdown Mean for People Living Abroad?

More countries are going into lockdown as coronavirus fears continue to develop. Following Italy’s lead, France and Spain are the latest countries to go on lockdown in an attempt to stop the further spread of Covid-19, leaving...
Horizontal shot of domestic animal sits on stack of carton boxes, relocates in new abode, poses in spacious empty room with no furniture, white walls. Taking pet abroad concept

Taking your pet abroad: Here is what you should know

Moving abroad doesn't mean farewell to your furry friend. Emigrating with your pets in tow is becoming increasingly easier, as pet removal products, services and companies evolve. But, be warned, the cost of relocating a beloved pet ...

Singapore rated as best country to live in

Singapore has been rated by expats as the best country in the world to live and work for the third year in a row. Why was Singapore voted as the best country to live in?...

Brits still keen on retiring in EU

A new survey reveals that EU countries remain the most sought-after locations for Brits to retire to, in spite of Brexit. Research conducted by Retirement Advantage found that one in ten...

British and French citizens have different reasons for moving

A new study suggests that the reasons that the majority of Brits move to France are likely to be very different as to why the French move to the UK.