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March 2015

Immigration Boosting Oz Population Growth

Published: Friday 27 March 2015

New figures show that Australia has the fastest population growth of any developed nation, and immigration is cited as the main driver behind the growth. According to a new report released by the Australia Institute, since the Sydney Olympics in 2000, the population of Australia had grown by 25 per cent which is more than the entire population of Sydney at the time. “There has been big increase in migration over the past decade,” explained Richard Denniss, the Australia Institute’s Executive Director “We're now adding 400,000 people – more than a new Canberra – every year.” The report shows that the country’s population growth rate has increased above historic trends, largely due to immigration. If the growth continues as its present level then by 2061 the country’s current population of 23.13 million will have risen to 40 million, while by 2101 it will be up to 70 million. The state of New South Wales is said to have borne the brunt of the population increase, largely due to the fact it is the country’s most popular destination for new immigrants. “The next NSW Government is going to have to face up to the fact that the state is expected to add half a million people this term,” said Denniss. “That means building the equivalent of another Newcastle – every street and lamp post, every house, every building, buy every bus, plant every tree – all in four years.”