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April 2015

Canada Expands Pre-Arrival Immigration Services

Published: Wednesday 15 April 2015

Many immigrants will arrive in Canada better prepared to integrate into their new communities as a result of expanded pre-arrival services. Canada’s Citizenship and Immigration Minister, Chris Alexander, yesterday announced that CDN$24 million will be committed toward providing newcomers with greater access to information and services before they leave their countries of origin. This funding will be accessed through partner organisations to help immigrants and refugees arrive better prepared to settle across Canada. Orientation sessions overseas will enable newcomers to gain a better understanding of life in Canada, how to use their skills in the Canadian labour market and make connections earlier with service provider organizations, professional associations, regulators, educational institutions and employers. “Our government is focused on creating jobs and promoting economic growth while ensuring all newcomers have access to services and programs that will guarantee their successful integration in Canada,” said Alexander, upon announcing the funding. The organisations that will be funded by Citizenship and Immigration Canada to deliver pre-arrival services will work closely with domestic settlement provider organisations to ensure seamless program delivery. Settlement services aim to provide newcomers with the information they require to make informed decisions, language skills to achieve their integration goals, labour market services to find and retain employment, as well as community supports to build professional and personal networks.