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March 2015

Canada Western Provinces To Be Hit Hard By Foreign Worker Limits

Published: Wednesday 11 March 2015

A new report claims the Canadian government’s decision to limit the number of temporary foreign workers arriving to work in the country is unfair to the western provinces. According to the Canada West Foundation, plans to reduce the number of temporary foreign workers (TFW) at a work site by 20 per cent this year and by 10 per cent next year is not unfair to Western-based employers who have typically been the biggest users of the temporary worker programme. “Seventy-five per cent of the reduction in entries will come from the west,” explained Farahnaz Bandali, a senior policy analyst at the Canada West foundation. “By making everyone subject to the same cap, the West will be disproportionately hurt.” Estimates from the report show that Alberta, with more than 85,000 TFWs currently employed, must reduce new entrants by 8,407 people by 2016 — six times as many as Ontario has to give up. Meanwhile British Columbia must reduce new entrants by 2,362.and Saskatchewan by 704, What’s more, the report states that the reduction of TFWs won’t achieve the government’s desired goal of seeing more Canadians gaining employment. “Not all unemployed people are willing to take a job that does not interest them or that they are not good at,” it notes. It also warns that the impact the reduction will have on businesses in some provinces, particularly Alberta, will be “severe” as they will need to reduce work hours or possibly be forced to close with fewer TFWs coming into the province.