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December 2016

Your volatility calendar for December

Published: Wednesday 07 December 2016

You may already be aware that currency markets are extremely volatile. Recent economic and political events have meant big changes to currency exchange rates, which in turn could have a significant effect on your business.

Exchange rates are usually more volatile in December and early January - with all the uncertainty surrounding global political developments this year, we could be in for a bumpy ride.

While we are enjoying the festive break, the foreign exchange market is very thinly traded, as traders are away from their desks. This means there could be even more volatility in currency markets at this time, as the trades that do go through will have a bigger impact on prices. These conditions create very favourable opportunities for the savvy currency buyer to target preferential exchange rates - now's the time to plan ahead and be prepared.

They say fortune favours the brave. In the financial markets, they also say that more money is lost through indecision rather than through a bad decision. So, act now!

Your volatility calendar for December - plenty of global announcements and data releases still to come this month...
Date GMT Market Data/Event
7th December 15:00 CAD Bank of Canada Official Interest Rate
8th December 13:30 EUR European Central Bank Press Conference
13th December 09:30 GBP UK Consumer Price Index (CPI) year-on-year
14th December 19:00 USD US Federal Open Market Committee Official Interest Rate
15th December 12:00 GBP Bank of England Official Interest Rate
19th December 09:00 EUR German Information and Forschung (Ifo) Business Climate
20th December 00:30 AUD Australia Mid-year Economic and Fiscal Outlook
22nd December 13:30 USD US Final Gross Domestic Product (GDP) quarter-on-quarter
23rd December 13:30 USD US Core Durable Goods Orders month-on-month

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