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August 2017

UK property investment update

Published: Tuesday 22 August 2017

By David Fuller 

Brexit may have made the UK’s future a little less uncertain, yet a recent report reveals that only a small number of high-level global investors will be turned away from the country’s property market.

A survey carried out by KPMG on 60 of the world’s leading institutional investors, found that only 10 percent felt that they would stop investing in the UK property market altogether in the wake of Brexit.

Meanwhile, 46 percent of the 60 investors surveyed – which between them manage over US$600 billion of real estate assets – stated they intend to continue with the same level of investment in UK property, while 44 percent said they expect their organisations to slow down their investment in the UK.
Frankfurt and Dublin are expected to be the main beneficiaries from Brexit, with some major companies already having signalled their intention to set up shop in one of these two cities. The KPMG survey revealed that 23 percent of those surveyed thought Frankfurt would be the main beneficiary of Brexit, while 22 percent said Dublin. 

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