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April 2017

Sterling steady in spite of GDP growth slowdown

Published: Friday 28 April 2017

By Rachael Kinsella
 The UK economy slowed in the first three months of 2017. After a very positive Q4 growth rate of 0.8%, the January to March 2017 data posted an initial estimate of just 0.3% growth on the quarter and 2.1% on the year.

Such a slowdown would normally produce a drop in the value of the Pound, but Sterling is looking robust as the UK election approaches and the polls still reflect a significant majority for Theresa May’s Tory party.

In addition, other UK data is still strong when compared to other industrialised nations; unemployment at 4.7% and falling, inflation above the Bank of England’s 2.0% central target, and improvements in housing and manufacturing. 
David Johnson, Director, Halo Financial

“As long as data doesn’t take a significantly downward turn, the markets will tend to focus on the UK election and Brexit negotiations and these will overshadow individual data releases when it comes to the value of the Pound,” said David Johnson, Director of Halo Financial.

“In fact,” continues Johnson, “the Pound is testing a number of significant technical levels as it strengthens. AUD 1.73 is significant, Sterling is pushing towards NZD 1.90 and is threatening to test USD 1.30. These are all levels that mark a change of trading ranges and the Pound is battering at the doors of all its major currency partners. If next week’s slew of UK data is as positive as other recent economic news, Sterling could well start May by flexing its muscles again.”

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