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April 2015

Dubai Welcomes Over 200,000 New Overseas Workers

Published: Monday 20 April 2015

New figures show that over 200,000 overseas nationals entered Dubai on work visas in the first quarter of 2015. According to statistics revealed by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA), a total of 206,770 new employment visas were handed out in the first three months of this year. “The medical fitness department at the DHA conducted a total of 496,721 medical fitness procedures of which 206,770 fitness tests were for issuance of new visas and the remaining 289,951were for renewal of visas,” Maisa Al Bustani, Director of Medical Fitness at the DHA said in a statement. Medical fitness is a mandatory requirement for all expats in the UAE. It is required for a residency, employment or education visa. Al Bustani added that of the total 496,721 medical procedures carried out, 27,875 people opted for the four-hour VIP service, 22,550 people opted for the 24 hour express result option and 93,549 opted for the 48 hour option. The DHA has 16 medical fitness centres located across different parts of the emirate for issuance and renewal of medical fitness tests. Dubai’s medical fitness test fees are as follows:
  • Regular: Dh260
  • Medical tests with results within 48 hours: Dh370
  • Medical tests with results within 24 hours: Dh470
  • Medical tests results within four hours: Dh690
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