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March 2015

Commission To Look Into Oz Immigration Programme

Published: Monday 23 March 2015

On Friday the Australian government announced that a Productivity Commission will commence an inquiry into the impact of charges relative to quotas and qualitative criteria to determine the country’s migration programme settings. The country’s Treasurer, Joe Hockey, along with Peter Dutton, the Minister of Immigration and Border Protection, revealed that the review will look at potential future options for determining the settings of Australia’s temporary and permanent migration programmes with a focus on improving the country’s economy and standard of living. Minister Dutton explained that the migration programme is currently regulated through a mix of qualitative requirements – such as skills, family connections, refugee-status, health, character and security – as well as quotas and imposts. He was also keen to make it clear that this will be an independent inquiry, as opposed to government policy. The Government is keen to see the Productivity Commission analyse these issues thoroughly, although at present there are no plans to make significant changes to the migration programme. The Productivity Commission is due to report within 12 months.