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March 2015

Highly Specialised Workers Being Denied Entry To US

Published: Wednesday 18 March 2015

A report due to be released later today will reveal that it’s becoming harder for overseas workers with highly specialised knowledge to get into the United States. According to a report from the National Foundation for American Policy, an immigration advocacy group, around 35 per cent of petitions made by American companies to employ foreign employees who have a ‘specialised knowledge’ in their fields were denied in 2014 by the US Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) – the fourth straight year that the denial figure has risen. The denial rate for these visas, better known as L-1B visas, was as low as 6 per cent in 2006. Stuart Anderson, executive director of the Foundation, believes that the rise in denials started back in 2008, when the United States was first plunged into recession. He said that this led to a “protectionist” culture at USCIS. The biggest increase in L-1B visa denials has affected Indian nationals, with 56 per cent of applicants from India denied entry, followed by 22 per cent of Chinese applicants, 21 per cent of Mexicans and 19 per cent of French, according to the data which was obtained by the Foundation through a Freedom of Information Act request.