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By David Fuller

Spain and America remain the top two most inquired about destinations for overseas property buyers, although interest in Portugal is growing.

According to the latest monthly Top of the Props index, put together by international property portal The Move Channel, Spain and the United States held onto the top two places for the second consecutive month.

The portal’s data shows that US property accounted for 6.93 per cent of all enquiries made on the site, while Spain accounted for 6.12 per cent.

However, overseas investor interest in Portugal soared in July, taking it into the top three most inquired about destinations for the first time since October 2016.

Enquiries for Portuguese property rose by 2 per cent month-on-month in real terms.

Interest in France also grew last month. France is now the fourth most enquired about location (up from fifth) with enquiries for French property rising by 16 per cent in the three months to July compared to the previous three-month period. Italy was fifth.



“With summer in full swing, the traditional holiday home favourites rule the roost, with Spain, France and Italy all among our Top 5 destinations,” said Dan Johnson, director. ““Portugal has been one of the stars of 2017 to date, repeatedly appearing in’s top three destinations.”

“The housing market’s recovery continues to build momentum, with prices and transactions both improving steadily and consistently. With Golden Visas on offer in Portugal, Cyprus, Greece and Turkey, citizenship schemes rank alongside tourism as an important driver of international interest.”

Last week, revealed that visits to its overseas property section had surged by 17 percent over the last five weeks. The company said that the surge in interest was driven by British holidaymakers returning home and looking for a second property, mainly in Europe. Spain, France and Portugal were again named as the most popular locations.

Top of the Props chart July 2017

1. USA
2. Spain
3. Portugal
4. France
5. Italy
6. Cape Verde
7. Turkey
8. India
9. Greece
10. Germany


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