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We have successfully helped thousands of our customers buy, rent or sell an overseas property at the best possible price by offering competitive exchange rates and developing our very effective Regular Currency Transfers payment plan. 

Join the increasing number of overseas property professionals drawing on Halo Financial’s award-winning services, offering bespoke currency exchange solutions and expertise to manage international property transactions. 

We operate a proven and successful affiliate model that’s run at no cost to you. In fact, you can even integrate our services into your business. 

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Live interbank rates(non-tradeable)

GBP  GBP Exchange Rates
Updated: 19:04 11/12/2018
Popular rates CCY Rate
Australian Dollar Australian Dollar AUD 1.7403
Canadian Dollar Canadian Dollar CAD 1.6793
Euro Euro EUR 1.1066
Japanese Yen Japanese Yen JPY 142
New Zealand Dollar New Zealand Dollar NZD 1.8224
United States Dollar United States Dollar USD 1.2523
More exchange rates Guide rates only, view disclaimer

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