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US Dollar falls back after President drops the Easter recovery deadline

  Sterling recovers on significant profit-taking Last week of the quarter overshadowed by the ‘C’ word   As most Brits start their 2nd week of isolation, ‘spoiler alert’ this week’s data will be mostly dire.…
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AUD Strengthens after Federal Reserve Promises $2tn Stimulus

The Australian dollar (AUD) is benefitting from the US Federal Reserves promise of a USD 2 trillion stimulus bill to stabilise the economic disruption caused by Covid-19
US unemployment benefits application rise by 3.28 million in the last week

US Senate Reach Deal on Coronavirus Stimulus Bill

The US Senate finally reached a deal on the USD 2 trillion US coronavirus stimulus bill. The package was confirmed early Wednesday morning by Legislative Affairs Director, Eric Ueland.
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US Senate to Compromise on Coronavirus Stimulus Package

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Last night the US Senate failed to reach an agreement on a USD 1.8 trillion coronavirus stimulus package. The package looks to be one of the largest in history to help businesses to re-establish themselves. What exactly does the stimulus package entail though?
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US Dollar Continues To Surge Despite Currency Market Uncertainty

In a world of collapsing currencies and market uncertainty amid the coronavirus chaos, the US dollar exchange rate experienced an overnight surge.
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Japanese Yen Rises as Investors Seek A Virus Safety Currency

The Japanese yen (JPY) made gains of near 3% on the US dollar (USD) on Monday and has also rallied against pound Sterling (GBP), with the pound to yen rate down some 2.5%