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GBP/USD and GBP/EUR uptrend continues amid risk-on mood

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British pound to US dollar (GBP/USD) exchange rate hit three-year best, Euro remains resilient and US Dollar tumbles amid improved risk appetite
Brexit - UK-US trade deal

How Could Brexit affect trade with the US?

Though the UK has established a trade deal with the EU, will a trade deal be possible with the US under the Biden administration?
USA President Joe Biden

GBP/USD rises with US Treasury set to unveil Biden’s plan

Pound Sterling edges higher against the US dollar ahead of Biden inauguration. Euro remains weak due to fears over prolonged lockdowns in Europe. The UK government hopes that once the countries most vulnerable are vaccinated, they can lift the lockdown and...

L1 Visa Programme

Foreign workers can transfer to their business’ US offices under an L1 visa. Discover the requirements and application process here.
US election presidential race

US election: Trump-Biden presidential race grips FX markets

Fears over the US election results being contested has fuelled significant upside in USD at the expense of riskier assets, including GBP. Polls had predicted a “Blue Wave” landslide in the 2020 elections. However, it has become clear that ...
Trump-Biden US Election

US election uncertainty caps gains in GBP exchange rates

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GBP has retreated from peak levels against USD and EUR amid signs that the US election result could be contested and controversial Brexit reports. Recent headlines have suggested Brussels Chief Negotiator Michel Barnier will...
US Trump-Biden presidential debate

US dollar slips ahead of US elections, pound Sterling gains

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Rarely have the stakes felt so high for America after Donald Trump's four years in office, which saw a summer of civil unrest triggered by racial justice protests, the disastrous handling of the COVID-19 pandemic in America and the third impeachment in US history...
Trump-Biden US Election

GBP/USD: US dollar holds ground ahead of US elections

US dollar currency rates in narrow range ahead of the US elections. The greenback could rally if President Donald Trump continues to gain favour. The most obvious outcome, which is widely expected by global markets would be...
Image of COVID-19 or Coronavirus which is causing economic distress as a second wave of Coronavirus infections is feared


Progress in the US dollar (USD) is set to be threatened this week by rising COVID-19 cases and the US election. Whilst the currency had reacted positively to European lockdown news, daily COVID-19 cases in the US have now...
US economic outlook (GDP)

USD extends gains against GBP, CAD and JPY after US GDP data

Anxieties over surging COVID-19 cases, and the lack of progress over a US stimulus package ahead of the US presidential elections is being reflected in strong demand for the US dollar (USD)...
US elections

US dollar in hot seat as election uncertainty intensifies

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US dollar (USD) price action was boosted on Monday as surging COVID-19 cases, and fading hopes of a US stimulus deal triggered a shift in sentiment. Monday also saw the steepest sell-off in...
US Trump-Biden presidential debate

Pound Sterling, US dollar and euro stuck in sideways trade

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Pound Sterling (GBP) remains unable to breach fresh highs against the US dollar (USD) and the euro (EUR) due to increased caution ahead of several key risk events...
US Dollars

GBPUSD Quarterly Report

With so many influences ready to shunt the Sterling – US Dollar exchange rate to and fro over the last 3 months of the year, predicting with any kind of accuracy is practically impossible. Knowing what to look out for, is more achievable though...
US Dollars and challenges of US economy

What are the challenges that the US Dollar and US economy are facing?

The tensions between US and China, the rising unemployment, the COVID-19 situation and the current riots taking place across the country in the wake of George Floyd’s death are all...
us senate coronavirus stimulus package

US Senate to Compromise on Coronavirus Stimulus Package

Last night the US Senate failed to reach an agreement on a USD 1.8 trillion coronavirus stimulus package. The package looks to be one of the largest in history to help businesses to re-establish themselves. What exactly does the stimulus package entail though?
100 US Dollar banknotes and USA flag

Upturn in US data fails to lift Dollar

  US retail sales data awaited – improvement forecast China grows at slowest rate in 10 years   Yesterday brought a sharp improvement in US manufacturing sentiment and better than forecast core retail sales but the…

US consumer confidence improved

US consumer confidence increases to 104.1