Flying To Australia – Our Tips and Advice

Australia is a much-loved destination for Brits, whether it be travelling for a holiday or living there permanently. The country has become the most popular destination for UK expats, with around 1.3 million Brits living Down Under.

Being on the other side of the world to the UK, there are many things to think about if you’re planning on travelling to Australia for a holiday or emigrating. Some of the key factors to consider include:

  • Travel time
  • Travel costs
  • Various flight paths and airports
  • Making the journey comfortable

When looking to emigrate to Australia, if you plan on leaving family behind, then these factors are especially important. You may wish to travel back and forth to the UK or even convince your family to come and visit you when you’re settled into your new Australian home.

With these aspects in mind, this article covers some of the ways in which you can make travelling to Australia as comfortable and efficient as possible, whatever your scenario.

flying to australia

How long does it take to travel to Australia from the UK?

Flying to Australia from the UK is one of the longest journeys for British people. Flights could take up to 26 hours, though one of the fastest routes between London and Sydney takes around 22 hours. The total time is dependent on stopovers and delays so can even be considerably longer.

Though the travel time may be extensive, the fact that so many Brits choose to travel to Australia each year shows that the journey is worth the time.

How can I make my journey to Australia more comfortable?

With the journey from the UK to Australia taking up a considerable amount of time, it is worth upgrading your flights to premium economy or business class where possible. These options include flat beds so you can get proper rest during your journey, with some options even including your own cabin.

To help you get the best sleep possible on your flight to Australia, remember to include necessities such as a neck pillow, eye mask, earplugs and socks.

It’s also worthwhile looking at the ways in which you can make your travel a little more comfortable by reading online articles, asking friends who travel regularly, or asking your doctor the best ways to take care of yourself during a long-haul flight.

What travel routes can I take to Australia?

Typical stopover destinations to Australia from the UK include Dubai, Bangkok, Singapore or Hong Kong. Flight prices can range anywhere from GBP 500 to GBP 1500+, depending on who you travel with, time of year, and any special requirements and stopovers.

There is also the option to fly direct from London Heathrow to Perth on the Qantas Dreamliner, which is the fastest way to get to Australia from the UK.

If you do have a stopover, however, it’s always worth making the most of this where possible. Spending a couple of nights in your midway destination helps to not only break up the journey but also gives you the opportunity to explore a new country.

How can I get the best deal on flights to Australia?

It is worth shopping around to ensure you find the best deal when booking flights to Australia but also important to book as soon as possible. Taking your time to book flights to Australia could result in you having to pay twice the price.

Where possible, consider flying during less popular times of the year when flights will be cheaper. One of the busiest times of the year is between December – January during Christmas break.

Whilst we all love to save money, it’s important to keep in mind that cheaper flights may not offer as much comfort as the more expensive ones. You may regret knocking off £100 for your flight when you’re 10 hours into your journey, trying to sleep but can’t because of the uncomfortable springs in your economy seat.

Pre-arrange airport transfers

After spending such a long time travelling to Australia, it’s not the best idea to then have to get behind the wheel of a car. Arrange a transfer from the airport ahead of time to ensure you are already catered for when you step off the plane, making your post-flight experience as smooth as possible.

Obtain Visa/ETA as soon as possible

Whether you’re entering Australia for emigration or vacation, all visitors are required to obtain a visa or Electronic Travel Authority (ETA). There are several types of Australian visas depending on your visit, which include work, study, tourism and permanent residency. Tourist visas can be processed quickly online but it’s always best to ensure you have this ready well before your flight.

Be mindful of food restrictions

Australia has an extensive list of items that can’t be bought into the country. Therefore, it’s best to consume any drinks and snacks purchased in the UK whilst on the flight or throw them away before entering border control. Being free of any restricted items will allow you to pass through airport security as quickly so you can experience the beauty of Australia as soon as possible!

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