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Britain flag and EU flag painted on a paper house hanging on a rope, symbolising Brexit vote impact on property purchase

How will Brexit impact overseas property owners and buyers in 2021?

If you’re thinking about buying a property within an EU country post-Brexit, here are some potential restrictions to be aware of.
Northern Ireland protocol

EU leaders should admit NI Protocol has failed

Post-Brexit tensions are rising, with the EU accused of creating sustained disruption over Northern Ireland protocol. DUP leader Sir Jeffrey Donaldson has urged the EU to admit that NI Protocol has failed, noting that the bloc’s policy has had a damaging effect on Britain’s economy and the relationship between the devolved nations...
London and Brussels disagree on Brexit divorce bill value

UK and EU clash over Brexit divorce bill valuation

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The UK and the EU are on a fresh collision course over the value of the Brexit divorce bill. Britain’s estimate of the Brexit divorce bill is GBP 3BN lower than Brussels approximation, with the UK insisting that there is only GBP 37BN to be paid and the European Union claiming that GBP 40BN is outstanding...
IR35 tax changes

Global corporate tax reform plans backed by G20 nations

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US President Joe Biden’s international tax reform received the backing of the G20 nations after being approved by G7 countries last month. The historical agreement will see some of the world’s largest tech firms, including Apple, Amazon and Google endorse a minimum global tax rate of 15% on their profits.
EU E-commerce VAT changes

New EU VAT changes will severely impact UK eCommerce businesses

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New EU tax rules came into effect on 1st July 2021, adding 21% to any packages brought in from outside the EU. Not only does the new tax rule impact UK e-commerce businesses, but also those who frequently shop online internationally. The EU stated that the new tax rules would generate around EUR 7 billion for all 27 member states each year.
image of ireland flag

Michel Barnier delivers warning over NI protocol

UK proposes reforming company listings to strengthen London’s ability to remain competitive post-Brexit. Meanwhile, former EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier warns UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson of the risks Britain faces if they fail to honour the Brexit agreement over Northern Ireland protocol...
UK and EU on brink of reaching sausage war treaty

UK and the EU on brink of sausage peace treaty

The European Union is at risk of collapsing warns former Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis. Mr Varaoufakis said that Brexit has given Brussels a false sense of security and expects other countries to follow Britain and throw leave referendums. Meanwhile, the UK is believed to be on the brink of clinching a “sausage peace treaty” with the EU...

Boris Johnson says Brexit will help UK bounce back from COVID pandemic

On the fifth anniversary of the Brexit vote, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has declared that Brexit will help the UK bounce back from the coronavirus pandemic with further innovation and job opportunities. However, the decision is still very much dividing individuals and nations, with some believing that the UK has become isolated...
G7 finance ministers agree on global tax deal

UK wants City of London to be exempt from G7 tax grab

Chancellor Rishi Sunak is pushing for the City of London’s financial services sector to be exempt from the G7 global tax plan when talks move to a G20 meeting in July. The UK Chancellor is concerned that a version of the plan presented by the US will negatively impact UK banks, who he says, pay enough tax...
No-deal Brexit risk between EU and UK

EU to proceed with legal action if UK ignores Northern Ireland Protocol

The EU has confirmed it will proceed with legal action against the UK if it decides to continue with unilateral decisions regarding the Northern Ireland protocol. French President Emmanuel Macron has urged UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson to find a solution to the protocol as US President Joe Biden will urge the UK to break the deadlock with the EU this week.
UK trade with EU slumps in first quarter

Trade drop is the start of the post-Brexit overhaul

London firms are relocating, trade with the EU has slumped and warnings over labour shortages are said to be the start of Brexit teething problems. Several British and European firms have relocated staff, moved their business operations or developed new skills in the wake of Brexit.
UK farmers launch attack on British government

UK and Australia closer to securing a free trade deal

UK farmers launch an attack on the British government following reports that the UK and Australia are on the brink of signing a free trade deal. The Australia deal is also believed to be worth more than the GBP 18BN value given by Australian trade officials, with British officials stating that it is worth closer to GBP 20BN.
UK to offer Australia free-tariff deal

Brexit: UK could offer Australia a tariff-free trade deal

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is prepared to sign off on a tariff-free trade deal with Australia despite the risk to British farmers.

EU criticised for fraud allegations against British expats

British expats living in Spain have been “wrongly” caught up in a row over fake residency applications due to Brexit and many now face deportation.

Brexit: Britain may be heading for an Italy-style decline

Despite positive growth predictions for 2021, the UK economy could be heading for an Italy-style decline due to the impact of Brexit and COVID-19.
Brexit impact on UK fiancial services sector

Brexit – The impact on the UK economy and British expats

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UK economy to suffer a £700BN output loss due to COVID-19 and Brexit, with the latter also impacting UK financial services sector and British expats. According to the National Institute of Economic and Social Research (NIESR), Britain is facing the worst damage than any other leading economy due to...
Royal Navy gunships

UK sends Navy vessels to Jersey amid fishing row with France

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson dispatches Royal Navy vessels to Jersey’s harbour after France threatens blockade in a post-Brexit fishing row. French President Emmanuel Macron responded by dispatching a military boat towards the St Helier harbour for a stand-off with the Royal Navy vessels, monitoring the situation on Jersey's waters.
UK offers EU fishing deal

France warns UK of retaliation over fishing deal

France threatens to block the City of London’s financial sector if the UK doesn’t honour the Brexit agreement on the fishing deal. During his "no fish, no finance" threat, Clément Beaune also warned Britain that France was prepared to be as "brutal" and "difficult" as necessary.