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Mitigating foreign exchange risk for manufacturers

Read Halo Financial’s guide to mitigating foreign exchange risk for manufacturers operating on a global scale to help protect your business currency in foreign markets.
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UK manufacturing sector growth hits 30-year high in May

European shares hit new highs today after UK manufacturing sector growth soars. According to a survey published earlier this week, UK manufacturing growth has been driven by a barrage of new factory orders and rising employment. Pound Sterling (GBP) will continue to be driven by coronavirus developments, Britain's vaccine rollout and news about whether the UK's final round of COVID-19 lockdown easing will be delayed.
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UK manufacturing production – Challenges and trends for 2021

2020 was a challenging year for the UK manufacturing industry, which was reeling from the impact of COVID-19 but a solid recovery is in store for 2021. While the industry is expected to see rapid growth as the UK economy recovers, the pandemic’s effect on local and corporate businesses will likely alter the future of the UK manufacturing sector.
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UK manufacturing sector showing signs of recovery

The UK manufacturing sector is strengthening following the fastest PMI growth in 10 years as outlook remains positive with the reopening of businesses this month.
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UK manufacturing sector still optimistic despite slowing growth

Despite the struggles the UK manufacturing sector has experienced over the past year, companies are hopeful for strong output during the second half of 2021.
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Rishi Sunak launches Recovery Loan Scheme to boost UK growth

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Chancellor Rishi Sunak launches a Recovery Loan Scheme to boost Brexit Britain’s growth. The UK expected to outstrip Europe due to vaccine success.
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Uk manufacturing growth expected to decline in 2021

Whilst UK manufacturing PMI increased during December 2020, Brexit and COVID-19 are set to stunt growth in 2021.
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How will Brexit impact UK businesses in 2021 and beyond?

Is your business prepared for Brexit? 2021 will be a period of significant change for most UK businesses. We look at the potential effect on UK businesses across a number of sectors...