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Regular currency trades (RCTs)

Protect yourself with our solution for regular currency trades...

Whether you're at home or abroad, we have developed a simple, flexible and cost-effective payment solution for those making regular currency trades.

What types of RCTs can I make? Examples include
Sending money regularly
for mortgage/property maintenance/bills
Living or working abroad
receiving a UK pension/salary
Personal payments
to or from relatives/friends abroad

Why choose Halo Financial for regular payments?

Saving you money
If you're still using a bank for your RCTs it’s likely you are being charged a transfer fee (£40+) and commission for each transaction. You could be losing out through unfavourable exchange rates, too.
Low minimum amounts
There is no maximum limit to how much you send and you can send as little as £250 per month, £400 bi-monthly or £500 quarterly.
Flexible, automated and reliable
Our RCT service is automated, so you won’t need to worry about remembering to make your next payment. You won't miss any of your payments, or be hit with any late payment fees.

Benefits of setting up a RCT plan

1. Flexibility
Customise the plan around your needs, choosing when you want to start, the duration and frequency of payments.

2. Efficiency 
Manage your budget more effectively by always knowing what you need to pay.

3. Peace of mind
Eliminate the uncertainty of volatile currency market by setting the exchange rate and payment amount in advance.

Your RCT plan

There are three different ways to set up your RCT. Choose from:
Request a call back