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Complete Guide: Buying a Car in France

Europe is the ideal region for companies looking to expand outside of their home market, offering a wealth of opportunities to expand your reach and increase profits. You’ll be pleased to hear that you don’t need to be a big corporation to consider European expansion.
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How to Become a Digital Nomad and Find a Remote Job

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The post-COVID work-from-anywhere culture is opening up huge opportunities for living abroad while working remotely, with some places even paying remote workers to move there. So, could being a digital nomad work for you? We look at how to find a job and make working remotely in another country or location work for you. 
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How to Choose the Best Expat Health Insurance Plan

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When you started thinking about your health and well-being while living abroad, you were probably considering private health insurance in general terms. But while health insurance certainly gives you access to private healthcare, the health plan you purchase defines the rules and limitations of that access. So, it’s important to pick the right plan!  
Emigrating to Italy

Moving to Italy: Guide to working and living in Italy

If you already live in Italy or are considering moving to Italy, our guide covering retiring, visas and citizenship will aid you with your move overseas. Download our Free Guide to Living in Italy today.
Emigrating to Germany

Emigrating to Germany: Immigration, visas and living costs

If you’re living in Germany or considering relocating, our guide covering healthcare, visas and citizenship will aid you with your move overseas. Download our Free Guide to Living in Germany...
Tokyo City

Emigrating to Japan: Immigration, renting and living costs

Read our complete guide to moving to Japan, which includes essential tips on the cost of living, healthcare, renting in Japan and obtaining a visa.
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Most popular areas of France for British expats revealed

Thousands of Brits opt for the French way of life. But where exactly are the most popular places to live in France? There are over 200,000 British expats living in France, and the most popular place for the British to live in France (including Paris) is...
Holiday homes

British expats with holiday homes told to return to the UK

EU advises UK residents with holiday homes in Europe to return to Britain. Where are the top holiday rent and staycation locations for 2021? According to research conducted by a private banking company, Arbuthnot Latham, in the last three months, searches for staycations in Britain has surged by 73% year-on-year...
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Taking your pet abroad: Here is what you should know

Moving abroad doesn't mean farewell to your furry friend. Emigrating with your pets in tow is becoming increasingly easier, as pet removal products, services and companies evolve. But, be warned, the cost of relocating a beloved pet ...
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What Does Coronavirus Lockdown Mean for People Living Abroad?

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Whilst the overall global picture is improving, coronavirus lockdowns are still being imposed across the world, adding pressure to economies. During a global health crisis, individuals living abroad may be wondering if it is best to return to their home country. This could potentially be impractical and even impossible, depending on...
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Where do British expats go? The most popular destinations for British expats

With Brits still eager to emigrate, we take a look at the most popular destinations amongst UK expats. Despite the coronavirus pandemics related travel restrictions and post-Brexit uncertainties, many Brits still dream of emigrating, as it’s estimated that there are currently around 5.5m British expats living abroad.

What is the Healthiest Country in the World?

Given the current state of affairs due to Coronavirus, asking the question of “What is the healthiest country in the world?” seems like an odd one. But regardless of the pandemic, there are a collection of countries which have come out on top when it comes to overall health...
Emigrating to France

Paris number one in worldwide cost of living survey

The pandemic has caused a shift in the rankings in the economists most recent Worldwide Cost of Living Survey. See which cities were listed as joint first place in the most recent annual Worldwide Cost of Living survey...