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Spot trades

Spot trades – buy or sell currency now, pay later

       Trade now, pay now
       Good for urgent transactions
       Get a competitive exchange rate

What is a Spot trade and how can I use it?
Spot trades are a way to make a currency exchange on the day or within a few days at the current exchange rate. These currency trades are ideal if you need to make a quick payment overseas or at a particular time. A currency specialist can help you work out the best time to make your trade to make the most of the exchange rate.

Standard Spot trades – trade now, pay now – let you immediately agree an exchange rate to buy or sell currency for settlement (unless otherwise agreed) within two business days of the date you agree the trade.

How Spot trades work

Spot trades are useful if you need to make a large payment now or in the next few days. As a Halo customer, your personal Currency Consultant will help you to find a convenient time to trade, monitoring the exchange rates and looking at how this suits your specific needs and situation.

Why worry about currency exchange when buying an overseas property?

A European property priced at €250,000 would have cost you £196,305 in pounds on 19 June 2016, but would have cost you £209,775 just a month later, after the EU Referendum sent Sterling spiralling - that’s a difference of £13,470. Knowing how these movements in currency markets affect the price of your property and how you can protect against this risk can save you a lot of money.

Emigrating and relocating - why currency makes a difference

The only thing worse than going on holiday and finding out your money is worth less than you thought it would be is moving abroad permanently and making the same mistake.

For example, say you were emigrating and moving to Australia. If you exchanged £300,000 of your money on 25th May 2016, you would have arrived in Australia with A$613,200. But if you had decided just six weeks later to transfer your money on 8th July 2016, you would be departing with A$99,900 less in your pocket. Quite a difference! This exchange rate drop was all down to political change and the Brexit vote – a good example of how dramatic these changes can be. We can help you choose the best time to make your currency trade to avoid risks like this.

Save money on exchange rates

An authorised currency specialist can often offer a significant saving on these one-off payments compared to banks and some other currency providers. Halo Financial does not charge commission, so you can save money here, too.

The following example shows how much money we could save you compared to a high street bank, assuming you need to buy £100,000 worth of Euros:


High street bank

Halo Financial

Amount saved

Amount in Euros
Total you receive
  Figures based on the exchange rate from a high street bank conducted on 11th June 2018.
Keeping you informed

You will always be notified of any change in your chosen exchange rate – we’ll also keep you updated with what’s happening in the markets and how this could affect you and your money. Our Currency Consultants have leading industry qualifications that mean they can analyse the currency markets and what they mean for you.

Make the most of your international payments

Man at a cafe on his mobile
  Personalised, professional service

Timing, flexibility and market knowledge are crucial in all foreign exchange - that’s what your personal Currency Consultant will deliver, finding the best solution for you.


Once you register with Halo Financial, we will allocate you a dedicated currency expert to professionally manage your currency trades. We think it’s what really sets us apart. The breadth and depth of information and services we can offer you are combined with personal, tailored guidance to enable you to make the best currency decisions to suit your needs.

  Safe and secure

Halo Financial is Authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority and regulated by HM Revenue & Customs. All client funds are held in secure, segregated client accounts, separate from the operating accounts of the business.
  A wide range of currencies available

Halo Financial trades in most of the freely tradable currencies and can both buy and sell foreign currency. So, whether you’re looking for Euros, US, New Zealand, Canadian or Australian Dollars, United Arab Emirates Dirham, South African Rand, or any other currency, we can help you make your transfer safely and protect your funds in the process.

  No commission

Halo Financial does not charge a commission fee on foreign exchange transactions. There is a transfer fee of £15 for transactions below £5,000, which simply covers the cost of the trade.

  Save time

We’ve made making an international payment quick and easy by following a simple four step process. You can find out how it works or contact one of the team, who will be happy to answer any questions you might have. 

How it works in practice – a Halo client case study

Michael Keaveney came across Halo Financial through its company’s membership of the British and Irish Chamber of Commerce. Having previously lived in Ireland, he was planning to buy a property in the UK, and transferring money from Irish savings accounts to cover the cost. In total, Michael wanted to exchange 65,000 Euros into British Pounds.

Michael’s experience with Halo

Before the transfer took place, Michael arranged for the funds to be made available from his various savings accounts and then subsequently close the accounts. During this time, Halo kept in touch on a daily basis to inform Michael on the way the markets were moving and provided insight into the rate he would be likely to receive.

The benefits of using Halo Financial for international payments

“The whole process was completely transparent, I was updated regularly on the markets in the lead up and therefore knew exactly what I was getting. When I have dealt with banks previously, I didn’t feel as well informed and had no idea if I was getting a good deal or not. Using Halo to exchange my money on this occasion meant I was around £1000 better off than if I’d used a bank.”

More than saving him money, Michael was impressed with the level of customer service he received from the team at Halo: “The service I received was extremely personable; I was dealing with people that understood my requirements rather than anonymous call centre agents. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Halo to anyone who is looking to move money.”


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