Retirement Planning

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UK pensions schemes divide private and public sector workers

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Although funding for UK pension schemes is improving now that the surplus is growing, the divide between private and public sector workers continues to deepen. According to new research, private-sector workers receive an average of GBP 3 for each GBP 1 saved towards their pension, compared to GBP 10 for public sector workers...
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UK government not expected to suspend pensions triple lock policy

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is facing backlash over maintaining the pension triple lock policy, ensuring UK pensioners receive an annual increase in payments. Whilst UK pensioners benefit from the policy, this year's dramatic growth in earnings could see pension payments rise by 6% in April 2022 at a further cost to the UK taxpayer.
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A Guide to Retiring Abroad

Many UK citizens dream of retiring abroad but are unaware of the planning required. Take a look at our handy guide which covers all you need to know about retiring abroad.
Building a decent pension pot

UK government make significant changes to pensions

UK government hikes minimum private pension age to reflect “changing working patterns and increase longevity.” Retirement plans are likely to change. Watch out for online pension scams and financial mis-selling as the new financial year gets underway.

British pensioners in EU won’t face ‘Frozen’ pensions

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Pensioners living in the European Union (EU) will not have their pensions ‘frozen’ once the UK leaves, the British government has indicated.