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UAE-based expats not saving enough money

Discover the reasons why many expats in Dubai struggle to save money and what financial strategies can counteract this issue. Research carried out by Guardian Wealth Management (GWM) found that people earning between DH 10,000 and DH 30,000 will be the worst hit as very few of them are able to...
Aşgabat, Turkmenistan

World’s most expensive expat locations

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See which city has been named as the most expensive city in the world for expats according to findings from the 2020 Cost of Living survey by ECA International. This city has been named as the most expensive city for expats for another year running, with four cities within Switzerland in the top five...
City of Arts and Sciences, Valencia, Spain

Valencia tops expat insider survey

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This guide covers the findings of the Expat Insider Survey 2020 and what British expats love about these high-ranking destinations. See what expats love about Valencia and which cities didn't rank so well, and what reasons British expats gave for the poor ratings...
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Most popular areas of France for British expats revealed

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Thousands of Brits opt for the French way of life. But where exactly are the most popular places to live in France? There are over 200,000 British expats living in France, and the most popular place for the British to live in France (including Paris) is...
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Expat Lifestyle

Many Britons dream of moving abroad and living the expat lifestyle. Discover all there is to know about becoming an expat with Halo Financial’s useful guide. From the most popular expat locations to the best way to transfer money abroad, Halo Financial covers all there is to know about becoming a UK expat in 2021.
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25 Top Tips for Expats Returning to the UK

Given our current social and economic climate, it’s understandable why many UK expats are choosing to return home. There are many things expats have to consider when moving back. We’ve put together a handy guide which covers everything you need to know.
Epats transferring money overseas

Guide to foreign exchange and money transfers for expats

Fluctuations in currency exchange rates can make a significant difference to an ex-pats income and spending power. Read our guide to foreign exchange. Exchange rates are directly linked to economic performance; therefore, it is essential that you...
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European countries amongst favourite expat destinations

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The latest HSBC Expat Explorer survey reveals five European countries which rank highly amongst expats but who comes out on top? The survey shows that the European country desired most by Expats is...

How Will UK Expat Healthcare Be Affected Post Brexit

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Discover the healthcare changes for new and existing UK expats living in the EU post-Brexit - Here we break down some of the post-Brexit changes with regard to healthcare when travelling and living in EU countries.
Popular destinations for expats

What are the most popular destinations for British expats?

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Discover the most popular destinations for UK expats and what will happen moving abroad post-brexit - British nationals who apply for residency post-Brexit could find themselves in need of...

UK mortgage enquiries from expats soar

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According to Skipton International’s latest 2020 figures, they received a 51% upsurge in mortgage enquiries from expats compared to figures from 2018. In particular, there has been a significant increase in
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Where do British expats go? The most popular destinations for British expats

UK expats looking to move away overseas are considering new options in Europe and beyond, with Australia among the top choices for emigration destinations, boosted by new, long-haul flights and incentives to move Down Under.