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International payments and money transfer services

We’re here to help take the hassle away from currency exchange, sending money abroad and any big international payments – either as a one-off or regular transactions.
Get excellent foreign exchange service and rates

Sending money abroad and currency exchange services tailored for you

Did you know there are a number of ways to help you to manage your money effectively when you need ro make foreign exchange? Whether you need to protect regular overseas payments from an exchange rate that keeps moving and catching you out, or you need to make a payment at a specific time and want to make your money go further, there are a range of specialist products and services that Halo Financial, as a firm of currency experts, can provide.

Hassle free currency exchange

Award-winning specialists in the currency industry since we started out in 2004, we offer currency services that are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and designed with you in mind. We aim to keep the process of transferring your money abroad as simple and smooth as possible and are here to manage and guide you through the whole process.

Halo Financial’s experienced currency consultants analyse the currency markets to keep you up to date on what the market movements mean for your international payments. This tailored, specialist guidance can help you maximise your money when making international payments and protect you from falling exchange rates. It’s all about finding the right time to make your money transfers abroad and what’s happening in the currency markets when you do.

Creating a currency strategy

Whether your currency exchange is for you, or for your business, creating your own currency strategy and staying on top of the foreign exchange markets can save you time, money and worry. Working with a dedicated currency specialist to build a strategy of tailored currency tools allows you to budget effectively, protect yourself from the risk of currency losses, and find opportunities to save money. A currency strategy allows you to:

Make quick and easy money transfers – send your money abroad at the time that’s right for you

Are you all about that rate, ‘bout that rate…?

It's all too easy to shop around for exchange rates and get very frustrated in the process. We’re here to help you with more than just the exchange rate, although we're confident we can offer you a very competitive rate on your currency exchange. Most importantly, our experienced team are here to support you and guide you through the best way to make your international transfers, for whatever reason, and be assured we're here by your side to help at every stage. 

But that’s not all…

So, if you’re all about that rate, we’ll do all we can help you get the best exchange rate available. But, whether your currency exchange is for a big, one-off transfer for a property or investment; regular payments for bills, mortgages, pensions or salaries, it’s not just about the transaction. It’s about the service you receive and the people who are here to provide it. That's how we can help you really maximise your currency exchange - and that's what makes us different. We hope it's why you choose to work with us here at Halo Financial, too.

In safe hands

Whatever your reason for needing to exchange money internationally, you need to know your funds are safe and secure and need the reassurance that you are getting the most for your money. We also know you need to be heard, listened to, and understood, not passed from person to person or transferred through multiple call centres. That’s where your personal qualified Halo Financial Currency Consultant comes in. We’re here at the other end of the phone or email to guide you through the process of making your international payments.

Keep on top of currency markets

We monitor the currency markets for you and let you know what this means for your currency exchange, helping you target the best exchange rate and proactively contacting you when the exchange rate is in your favour. We’re also here with expert knowledge and know-how to help you select the right currency trade type to suit your needs, so you can be secure in the knowledge that you are getting the best deal.

Stay in the know…
Young business man and woman on a tablet
By registering for a selection of free news updates and insights, you can also stay informed on the markets and what they mean for you.

Make your currency exchange matter, talk to us today

What can you expect from Halo Financial’s award-winning customer service?

Safe and secure services: Halo Financial is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). This means there are are strict rules and regulations for the company to follow and capital adequacy levels to meet, offering you better protection and confidence in working with a firm with a robust code of conduct.
Highly experienced currency consultants: Halo's currency consultants are experienced and knowledgeable in the currency markets and keep clients updated with the latest market movements, economic and political events and how these could affect their money transfers, to avoid the risks of the currency markets moving.
Fast and efficient payments: Payments are quick and simple, with same-day and next-day trades available on key worldwide currencies. The payments and settlements process is monitored closely for compliance and efficiency and we are constantly seeking to improve processes and the services offered.
Award-winning service: Gold Trusted Service with over 1,000 reviews from happy clients on independent review site, Feefo.com and one of the highest Google Review ratings in the industry.

Why is Halo Financial different?

The Halo way…
Since Halo formed in 2004, the Foreign Exchange market has become overcrowded, highly automated and increasingly impersonal, driven by companies seeking profit led efficiencies and an over-reliance on technology. 

Halo humans
At Halo, we recognise the benefits of technology, however we know how powerful strong client relationships are, so we make them the centre of everything we do. 

Removing stress for clients
Every day, we take pride in using our in-house expertise and hard earned market intelligence to ensure our clients benefit from a better way to transfer their money globally.  Each of us does our bit to add to the experience that removes stress from complex situations and reinforce that choosing Halo is the right decision.

Trust in our people and service
Continued client research and feedback highlights that people and businesses place their trust in us: so our job is to act in their best interests, while balancing the commercial needs of Halo.  Our clients tell us that, whatever their requirement, they value our approach of genuine collaboration to get the best results for them and that they trust us to consistently deliver on our promises. We aim to always live up to that trust.

People are important to us
Our clients, our partners and our team members are never just a number. Each is a person with whom we work hard to build a strong and fruitful relationship. Because of this, we have one of the highest rates of repeat business in the industry and long term, successful relationships with valued partners.

Knowing that a happy team leads to happy clients means our internal culture is a reflection of our approach to our external relationships, and the respect we have for one another leads to one of the highest levels of positive client feedback in our industry.

We’re here for the clients who are tired of being banished to the back of the queue, put on hold, or just forgotten about. Who want genuinely personal service, designed to meet their own, individual needs.
Halo Financial provides a personal service for people who want to be treated like individuals and businesses who want to know that their custom matters.

Why choose Halo Financial?

When we ask our clients, “why Halo?” the answer is simple: we offer straightforward answers to complicated scenarios.

To us, the strongest currency is relationships.

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Hundreds of reviews showing Halo's excellent customer service.
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Quick, easy and reliable, highly recommend!
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