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Online currency exchange services

Make your currency exchange at your convenience

If you need to make smaller, less complicated currency trades regularly and want to be able to make you international payments quickly and easily, you could benefit from Halo Online, Halo Financial’s safe, secure online currency trading service. It’s free and easy to use, saving you time and helping you take control of your foreign exchange.

Halo Online gives you the ability to make your currency exchanges of up to £30,000 regularly, with Halo Financial day and night throughout the week, but with the same great pricing and advantages as our international payments service over the telephone.

Halo Online is useful for:

 Spot rate currency trade deals
 Making regular, smaller international payments. Halo Online is ideal for swift, secure payments under £30,000 
 Expats sending money between countries - perfect for property bills, international salary or pension payments, and sending money to family overseas 
 People based in a different time zone to the country you are sending money to or from: sending money from the UK to New Zealand, for example.
 You need control over when and where you make your currency trades (within foreign exchange trading hours)

Halo Online can't be used for:

Registering and getting set up on Halo Online is easy - you can start trading straightaway (as long as it's within global currency trading hours).
Dedicated support
You will still benefit from a dedicated Currency Consultant, who can guide you through what’s happening in the currency markets and will be there at the other end of the telephone to help you with your specific requirements. So you have convenience and currency trading facilities according to your own timescales but still have the reassurance of a currency specialist when you need them.
Find out more today or Register here.

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