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Boost for UK Financial Sector

City of London to secure exemption from new global tax rules

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UK Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s pitch to exclude the City of London from new global corporate tax rules has been approved. 130 countries agreed to a new minimum global corporate tax rate of 15%. Whilst many highlighted that the new rule is a step in the right direction, some have argued that Mr Sunak should have pushed for 21% to help raise further funds for the NHS…
UK-US travel corridor unlikely to go ahead this summer

COVID: Best and worst places to live as the world re-opens

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Countries fear that they will enter an India-type situation due to the rapid spread of the Delta variant on their territories. Although the acceleration of the global vaccine rollout has prevented hospitalisations and deaths, governments worldwide are considering imposing tougher restrictions to stem the spread of the B 1.617.2 variant which is fast becoming the dominant strain in many countries…
Dollar to Pound FX rate

British pound under pressure against the US dollar

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The British pound (GBP) has come under pressure against the US dollar (USD) during today’s trading session. Pound sterling is unlikely to experience the rapid gains seen during early 2021 against its major currency over the coming months but will hold steady. Meanwhile, the US dollar (USD) looks to continue to outperform its currency rivals following upbeat comments from the Federal Reserve.
Britons summer holiday plans

COVID-19: Growing spread of Delta variant impacting travel

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The growing spread of the Delta variant has urged several countries to impose tighter restrictions against travellers. With the COVID infection rate in the UK surging, all unvaccinated Brits travelling to Portugal must quarantine for 14 days. However, Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel is fighting for blanket-quarantine restrictions against British holidaymakers irrespective of whether they are vaccinated or not...
happy child girl against a white brick wall. girl having suitcases and dreaming of traveling. Moving abroad alone concept.

7 key tips and suggestions to moving abroad alone

Are you planning to pack your things and move to another country? You are not alone… many are thinking the same thing. A lot of people around the world are having the same dream, but...
Burj al arab

Reasons why Dubai is one of the top cities in the world in 2021

Dubai is considered to be one of the world’s most luxurious cities for many reasons from impressive architecture to thriving business culture. Find out why Dubai is one of the best cities in 2021 here.
Woman talking with alphabet letters coming out of her mouth. Communication, information. Learning a foreign language when moving abroad.

How to learn a foreign language when moving abroad in 2021

Learning a new language when moving abroad can feel daunting. However there are many language tools available which can help you learn whilst on the go.

Where are the wealthiest places in the world?

Want to live among some of the wealthiest people in the world? Recent global wealth data confirms that Asia is the place to be. The increasing power of Asia as one of the world’s wealthiest places is...
A man with a laptop sitting in the snow. Work from home concept

Which are the Top Cities and Countries to Work from Home in 2021

Telecommuting is becoming more popular, with most professionals spending at least half the week working remotely. But some cities are more suitable for global nomads than others. Halo Financial examines three different reports on the best places in the world for entrepreneurs and remote workers.
Global economy

CANZUK Campaign

Support for CANZUK continues to grow and calls for freedom of trade and movement between some of the major Commonwealth countries.
us dollar strengthen

Japanese Yen Rises as Investors Seek A Virus Safety Currency

The Japanese yen (JPY) made gains of near 3% on the US dollar (USD) on Monday and has also rallied against pound Sterling (GBP), with the pound to yen rate down some 2.5%