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International payments made easy: Supporting UK business’s expansion to the US

Learn more about our currency hedging solutions and client services designed to help your business mitigate risk when expanding to the US and operating internationally.
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Explore currency management strategies

Learn about the importance of a currency management strategy for mitigating foreign exchange risk and leveraging opportunities for global businesses.

Forex trading strategies for risk management

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Read Halo Financial’s guide to minimising risk with forex trading strategies to help protect your business against currency trading losses.
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A CFO’s Guide to Expanding to Europe

Europe is the ideal region for companies looking to expand outside of their home market, offering a wealth of opportunities to expand your reach and increase profits. You’ll be pleased to hear that you don’t need to be a big corporation to consider European expansion.
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Benefits of global expansion in 2022

In today’s global economy, expanding your business to an international market is appealing for many reasons especially when it comes to increasing profit margins. Recent studies show that 45% of middle-market companies make more than half of their revenue overseas.
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Spike in oil prices boosts Shell’s profits and dividends

Shell boosts dividends and launches share buybacks after a spike in oil prices sends the company’s Q2 profits soaring. Stock markets are also enjoying “Super Thursday” but Bank of England (BoE) risks pose a threat to UK stocks. Pound Sterling’s rally also risks slowing down in the wake of next week’s BoE event...
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Facebook confirms release of Ray-Ban smart glasses

Facebook has cashed in on coronavirus lockdowns with its latest earning report showing that quarterly growth surged to USD 110M a day. Although the Californian tech titan has warned of a slowdown in revenue growth in the forthcoming quarters, Mark Zuckerberg’s ambitions to build a “Facebook metaverse” will create a new wave of growth opportunities...
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Is risk management essential for driving business growth

A new EY survey of board members has explored whether risk management has become essential to strengthening resilience against future disruption in the current uncertain environment. The board members believe that risk management will be critical in enabling business growth over the next five years...
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A guide to business risk management

Risks are present within every industry and can create catastrophic consequences if not managed accordingly. Although all businesses are subject to a degree of risk, it is particularly prominent within the financial services industry. Identifying the risks within forex trading can be a complex topic but is essential for those in the industry to master to become a lucrative FX trader.
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Accelerating business growth during the coronavirus pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic proved to be a make or break moment for thousands of businesses worldwide, with many forced to make quick pivots to align with changing economic climate. With coronavirus forcefully disrupting global economies, businesses have had no choice but to accommodate new trends and best practices to avoid being outdistanced by their competitors.
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How to Relocate Staff Overseas Successfully

International employee relocation can bring business opportunities, but getting it right requires plenty of planning. This article outlines key things to consider when you relocate staff overseas as part of an office relocation or expatriate placement and provides you with a handy checklist.
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Technology trends for business leaders

Technology has become the cornerstone of large-scale business strategies, providing a firm foundation for various industries. A recent study conducted by management consulting firm McKinsey has identified a list of the latest technology trends to help business leaders stay on top of the ever-changing tech landscape.
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Consumer spending trends brought about by COVID-19

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Consumer spending is booming now that countries are emerging from the COVID pandemic and coronavirus vaccination campaigns are in full swing. The Bank of America notes that consumer spending is up 20% on pre-pandemic levels. So, how are people spending their money and will this continue once stimulus money from central banks dries up?
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UK companies urged to take advantage of pandemic innovation

UK GDP is forecast to fall in Q1 2021 but with the UK at the forefront of the vaccination response, investors expect the economy to rebound sharply. Disappointing US labour market data has knocked global market sentiment with US jobless claims increasing by 13,000 week-on-week from...