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Opening a Bank Account in Spain

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There are many reasons why you might want to open a bank account in Spain. You might be purchasing a holiday home, studying abroad, or moving to the country permanently. If this is the case, you'll be pleased to hear that opening a Spanish bank account as a non-resident isn't as difficult as it might sound.
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Best countries and cities for real estate investment in 2021

Take a look as we break down this years’ survey and outline the best countries and cities for real estate in investment in 2020-2021. In 2020, Los Angeles has been voted as the best city for real estate investment, moving swiftly up from 7th place in 2019.
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Where to buy property in Europe 2021

See our latest review of the best places to buy property in Europe. We look again at some European property hotspots and pick out some top tips for the best places to buy European property. The biggest property price increase within Europe this year was seen in...
arial view of spanish property during coronavirus pandemic

Property in Spain: The impact of the Coronavirus 2021

The Spanish property market encountered some difficulties in 2020 but the demand from British buyers surged during the new year. Foreign demand for 2021 also appears to be on the rise despite COVID-19 and post-Brexit concerns...
overseas property searches spike

Overseas property demand surges as UK lockdown eases

As the UK property market sees soaring house prices, demand for overseas property is also experiencing a significant surge in 2021. The trend is likely to expand as more Britons receive their coronavirus vaccinations and the UK government add further countries to the quarantine-free green travel list.
Luxury House in Mallorca, Spain ( Balearic Islands )

Buy a Property in Spain: Top 5 Best Places to Buy in 2021

As the new decade begins and Brexit is now in motion, more British expats are moving abroad and looking to buy a home in Spain for a better lifestyle. Find out the best locations to purchase property in Spain.
Emigrating to France

Living in France: Complete guide to moving to France

Whether you’re already living in France or considering relocating/emigrating, our useful guide covering healthcare, visas and citizenship will help you settle in France. Download our Free Guide to Living in France
Modern Spanish Apartments

Living in Spain – Complete guide

Considering getting married in Spain, or want to know the pros and cons of living in Spain? Read our guide to help you answer any burning questions! Despite the disruption caused by the coronavirus, many people are still seeking life in Spain, attracted to ...

Boom in UK overseas property purchases in French ski and mountain resorts

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, French Ski resort properties continue to be in demand from foreign buyers due to their luxury and great outdoor locations. French ski resort properties have seen slight price increases during 2021 and look to maintain their status as a solid investment. Discover all you need to know about the best French ski resort locations in 2021.
UK-US travel corridor unlikely to go ahead this summer

COVID: Best and worst places to live as the world re-opens

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Countries fear that they will enter an India-type situation due to the rapid spread of the Delta variant on their territories. Although the acceleration of the global vaccine rollout has prevented hospitalisations and deaths, governments worldwide are considering imposing tougher restrictions to stem the spread of the B 1.617.2 variant which is fast becoming the dominant strain in many countries…
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Top 5 Tips For Buying Property Abroad

Finding a property abroad is not an easy process. You have lots of things in your mind and thinking about buying a property abroad can be time consuming.
Brexit impact on UK fiancial services sector

Brexit – The impact on the UK economy and British expats

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UK economy to suffer a £700BN output loss due to COVID-19 and Brexit, with the latter also impacting UK financial services sector and British expats. According to the National Institute of Economic and Social Research (NIESR), Britain is facing the worst damage than any other leading economy due to...
Cyprus Property Market

Recovery of Overseas Property Sales in Cyprus

Whilst property sales in Cyprus have struggled over the past year, sales appear to be on the rise as economic outlook improves. During March 2021, residential property sales in Cyprus reached 826, which is a 62% rise from the same month the previous year, suggesting a significant improvement within the Cyprus property market.
Popular destinations for expats

What are the most popular destinations for British expats?

With people’s desire to move abroad remaining strong, we take a look at some of the most popular destinations for expats. Download our Free Guide to Emigrating and see which are the chosen countries for many looking to retire or move abroad.
International property

Coronavirus crisis: Mortgages and buying overseas property

With many people apprehensive about buying a property abroad, we discuss the benefits of buying a property overseas during the pandemic.

Spanish Property Market to Improve in 2021

The Spanish property market experienced difficulty when the coronavirus pandemic first hit, though is thought to see a significant improvement this year as the economic outlook becomes more optimistic.
Ski resorts in France symbolising French property investment in 2020

Top 5 places for French Ski Resort Property Investment in 2021

With France being an excellent location for property investors, Halo Financial takes a look at some of the best areas for French property. Buying a French property remains a strong investment despite a weaker British pound to Euro exchange rate.
overseas property searches spike

Overseas property searches spike as lockdown measures ease

As lockdown restrictions ease in the UK, interest in property abroad continues to soar, with Spanish property most in demand.