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Missing piece from a European jigsaw puzzle revealing British flag and Brexit question symbolising emigrating after Brexit

Top Tips for Emigrating After Brexit

Brexit has many Britons considering emigrating. Australia and New Zealand are among the most popular and in demand destinations for British people wanting to emigrate after Brexit. Halo Financial provides the inside track on moving Down Under from trusted, experienced visa and emigration experts.
Emigrating to Germany

Fall in German immigration leads to zero population growth

Low immigration and COVID-19 concerns have led to zero population growth in Germany for the first time since 2011. Immigration in Germany is key for attracting further skilled workers into the country. As a result of the low immigration figures...
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UK emigration has remained broadly stable

Despite Brexit and COVID-19, UK emigration figures have been on the up during the past five years. According to the Office of National Statistics (ONS), UK emigration figures for the past five years have been as follows...
Emigrating to Germany

Emigrating to Germany: Immigration, visas and living costs

If you’re living in Germany or considering relocating, our guide covering healthcare, visas and citizenship will aid you with your move overseas. Download our Free Guide to Living in Germany...
Tokyo City

Emigrating to Japan: Immigration, renting and living costs

Read our complete guide to moving to Japan, which includes essential tips on the cost of living, healthcare, renting in Japan and obtaining a visa.
Emigrating to Australia

Life in Australia: Complete Guide to Emigrating to Australia

Australia has long been a popular destination for British expats, renowned for its high quality of life, picturesque coastlines and multicultural cities. Not only is the country English-speaking but more than 42% of its population are ...

Emigrating To The USA

The United States is a particularly popular country for expat employees, with millions arriving each year for work purposes. Discover the most popular expat destinations in the US and things to consider before moving...
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Complete guide to emigrating after the coronavirus pandemic

If your plans to emigrate were disrupted by COVID-19, read our guide on immigrating post-pandemic to better prepare you for your move overseas.
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Emigrating From The UK Aged 40 or Over

Emigrating from the UK is often seen as a move for young families looking to improve their quality of life or retirees looking to make the the most of their twilight years. But what if you fall in-between these two categories? What options are there for potential emigrants, looking to move to Australia or New Zealand at 40 or 50 years old?
Emigrating to Italy

Emigrating to Italy: Guide to working and living in Italy

If you already live in Italy or are considering emigrating, our guide covering retiring, visas and citizenship will aid you with your move overseas. Download our Free Guide to Living in Italy...
Immigrating to Norway

Emigrating to Norway: Immigration, visa and living costs

Read our complete guide on immigrating to Norway, covering the pros and cons of living in Norway, work prospects, living costs and how to obtain a visa.

Thinking About Emigrating To Australia?

Are you thinking about emigrating to Australia? Who could blame you! With great weather, friendly people, delicious food, amazing wildlife, gorgeous beaches and more, it’s not hard to understand why so many people wish to move to Australia. Download our Free Guide to Living in Australia...