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Pound Sterling off multi-year highs pre-Budget statement

Pound Sterling’s bullish run against the US dollar, euro, Australian dollar and other major rivals has stalled pre-Budget and amid some profit-taking. Chancellor Rishi Sunak's Spring Budget could also present GBP/EUR an opportunity to extend advances, assuming Mr Sunak's proposal encompasses...
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British pound exchange rate outlook vs EUR, CAD, USD and AUD

Can the “overbought” pound Sterling continue to advance against the US dollar (USD), euro (EUR) and riskier Australian dollar (AUD). Pound Sterling (GBP) weakness is being fuelled by fading enthusiasm over the UK's economic outlook and...
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The Impact of Jerome Powell’s Speech on US Dollar (USD)

Mr Powell is set to speak in congress for the semi-annual testimony, which is likely to further impact the US dollar. Mr Powell will speak before Congress to present the semi-annual monetary policy report and US dollar (USD) investors are cautious about ...
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EU Astrazeneca scepticism weighs on vaccine programme

EU Astrazeneca scepticism weighs on vaccine programme. Thousands of Oxford-AstraZeneca jabs have been left unused in Germany, with many refusing to take it following fears for the efficacy of the vaccine. On Friday it was reported that just...
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GBP/USD and GBP/EUR surge higher amid UK COVID optimism

Pound Sterling seesaws to fresh highs against the euro and US dollar ahead of Boris Johnson’s lockdown exit roadmap announcement. Although the number of daily coronavirus cases in the UK is now following a downward trend, the UK government's approach to easing lockdown restrictions will...
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US Dollar weakened by Jobless Claims

Despite falling coronavirus cases, the US dollar has been impacted by a sudden influx of jobless claims last week. US President, Joe Biden, aims to tackle the issue of unemployment with his USD 1.9 trillion stimulus package proposal, which he claims...
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British pound to euro exchange rate rallies above EUR 1.15

British pound to euro (GBP/EUR) exchange rate continues to storm higher amid vaccine optimism. But is the pound to euro rate now overvalued? One analyst at the leading investment bank, JP Morgan, said that the British pound (GBP) could come under significant pressure if...

Pound Sterling hits new highs amid COVID-19 vaccine optimism

The British pound to US dollar (GBP/USD) exchange rate rallied to fresh multi-year highs earlier during the session, supported by COVID-19 vaccine optimism and expectations for a robust UK economic rebound. Some market analysts are sceptical about GBP strength following recent comments from Bank of England (BoE) Governor Andrew Bailey ...
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Bank of England prepares to diverge from EU rules

Brexit continues to cause supply issues for UK manufacturers due to port chaos. Bank of England prepares to break away from EU rules. Despite mixed messages on Brexit and the threat of the UK being locked out of the EU’s financial market, pound Sterling (GBP) seems unaffected by post-Brexit trade drama
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British pound storms to new highs against US dollar and euro

Pound Sterling rallies to fresh multi-month best against US dollar and euro amid ongoing vaccine optimism. GBP/NZD and GBP/JPY also higher. Pound Sterling (GBP) has rallied to fresh highs against a host of major currencies at the start of the new trading week, with bullish momentum driven by...
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Foreign exchange rate forecast: GBP against major currencies

Riskier assets pause amid some profit-taking. Pound Sterling exchange rates remain resilient against the US dollar and euro following UK GDP data. Vaccine euphoria gave the British pound (GBP) a boost in midweek trade, which saw GBP exchange rates rally to fresh highs against risk-off counterparts such as...
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UK economy suffers record slump due to COVID-19 restrictions

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The UK economy suffered its steepest annual contraction on record in 2020 due to coronavirus lockdown restrictions. Although the UK has avoided a double-dip recession due to Q4 growth, economic output slumped by...
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British pound steady amid third lockdown

Despite the UK’s third national lockdown, the British pound has been rising substantially against its main currency competitors.
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Pound Sterling slips despite risk-on mood in FX markets

Pound Sterling has shed ground to the US dollar, euro, Australian dollar and other major currencies despite vaccine optimism boosting risk. Investors traded more cautiously earlier during the session, which dampened sentiment towards pound Sterling (GBP). However, market analysts have said they don't expect...

GBP/USD and GBP/EUR uptrend continues amid risk-on mood

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British pound to US dollar (GBP/USD) exchange rate hit three-year best, Euro remains resilient and US Dollar tumbles amid improved risk appetite
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Pound Sterling mixed on virus optimism and Brexit headwinds

GBP/EUR, GBP/NOK and GBP/ZAR under pressure as unresolved UK-EU Brexit tensions rise. US dollar tumbles amid risk-on trade and US stimulus hopes. Pound Sterling (GBP) is forecast to extend its bullish run in 2021 due to the UK's world-leading vaccination campaign and signs that Britain's reduced its...
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GBP/USD and GBP/EUR gains fade ahead of UK GDP data

Pound Sterling trading on a softer note against US dollar and euro as investors anticipate UK GDP data for Q4. UK vaccine rollout could limit losses. Economists expect the UK economy will have shrunk during the last three months of the year due to the second lockdown's impact in November, which is...
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Pound Sterling prospects brighten after BoE boosts outlook

British pound advanced against the US dollar, euro and Australian dollar after the BoE said they predict the UK economy to bounce back quickly. Policymakers also delivered a strong signal to foreign exchange (FX) markets that the likelihood of negative interest rates being implemented in the near-future was...