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One billion flights powered by sustainable aviation fuel by 2025

By 2025, the International Air Transport Association (IATA), the trade body representing 280 plus airlines around the world, aims to see one billion passengers having travelled on flights powered by a mix of jet fuel and sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), which can cut flight carbon emissions by up to four-fifths

A guide to France’s aviation eco tax

Proposals to increase France’s aviation eco tax has been met with criticism from airlines who believe passenger demand will suffer even further. 2020’s eco tax proposals were met with great frustration by the aviation industry, particularly as travel and tourism has already suffered immensely as a result of...

UK travel industry forecast 2021

A third of respondents to a survey by airport shuttle provider, Go Group, plan to increase leisure travel in 2018 and more than a quarter (27%) aim to travel more for business compared with 2017.
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Coronavirus: What Does the Future of UK Aviation Look Like?

The aviation industry is one of the worst-affected by the coronavirus outbreak and fear continues to grip the industry. With UK travel restrictions still in place, the aviation industry remains in dire straits. What will be the future for airlines during 2021?

Top UK airports announce expansion plans to increase passenger growth

Whilst COVID-19 has significantly disrupted expansion plans amongst many UK airports, we take a look at the current developments. Four leading UK airports announced ambitious expansion plans to help them achieve future record levels of passenger growth...
Ryanair announces new flight routes

Ryanair Significantly Reduces Flight Schedules

Ryanair has been forced to cut flight schedules due to low passenger traffic, though anticipates for a strong recovery in the summer. The airline is confident that passenger traffic will pick up once coronavirus recedes and...
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Airlines hope vaccine passports will kick start the industry

Concerns rise for UK airports and global airlines due to travel bans and COVID-19 testing. The industry hopes vaccine passports will boost recovery. Sir Richard Branson is a supporter of the controversial COVID-19 vaccine passports, which he hopes will...
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IATA Forecasts Continued Airline Losses in 2021

The IATA has forecast that whilst airlines will begin the road to recovery in 2021, significant financial losses are still to be expected.

EasyJet Reports £1.3 billion loss

EasyJet Reports £1.3 billion loss - it’s been a financially devastating year for the aviation industry as a result of COVID-19 travel restrictions. EasyJet, one of the UK’s biggest budget airlines...