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E-commerce growth soars as firms adapt to online demand

E-commerce growth soars as firms adapt to online demand

With online demand growing amid the pandemic, e-commerce businesses are now presented with an opportune moment to expand internationally. More than 85,000 businesses have launched e-commerce platforms or joined online marketplaces since the lockdown...
Riski Sunak Budget

Budget 2021 key points

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What you need to know about Rishi Sunak’s UK Budget 2021 - furlough extension, self-employed grants, tax hikes and restart grants for businesses. Read our complete review of the March 2021 UK Budget and how it impacts both business and people individually...
Pubs, bars and restaurants to receive grants

Budget 2021: Rishi Sunak to deliver cash injection for UK

Chancellor Rishi Sunak to deliver a huge cash injection for UK economy in his Spring Budget. Pubs, bars and restaurants could receive GBP 5BN grants. According to the Treasury, more than 200,000 firms will be eligible for grants, which will be awarded based on their...
Woodworker talking on the phone and working on the laptop

How to start a business after Brexit in the UK in 2021

Whilst starting a business after Brexit can be a struggle, Halo Financials’ handy guide breaks down what steps to take. Read our guide to 'Starting a Business Post Brexit 2021'
tax rises budget 2021

Rishi Sunak urged to scrap tax hikes and slash VAT in Budget

Rishi Sunak’s Budget is expected to encompass tax hikes and a small slice of additional relief for businesses, employees and the self-employed. Government officials have said Mr Sunak plans to justify tax hikes by using the US example. According to recent reports...
self employed

Will Chancellor Rishi Sunak extend furlough and SEISS

Rishi Sunak is set to extend the furlough scheme, SEISS and stamp duty holiday into summer. Self-employed workers stand to benefit from GBP 7,500 grants covering the February to April period, as many businesses are likely to remain closed during that time due to...
Industry leaders react to lockdown exit strategy

Industry leaders react to Boris Johnson roadmap

Businesses and industry leaders welcome Prime Minister Boris Johnson COVID-19 roadmap rules on shops, gyms, restaurants. Chancellor Rishi Sunak could announce that the furlough scheme is being extended until July in his upcoming Spring Budget statement. According to a senior government source...
Top Ten Post-Brexit Importing Tips

How has Brexit impacted international trade in 2021?

Uncertainty over Brexit trade rules has caused disruptions between UK/EU imports and exports. Here we examine the advantages and disadvantages of international trade post-Brexit and the outlook for 2021...
Top Ten Post-Brexit Importing Tips

Top Ten Post-Brexit Importing Tips

With many businesses confused over the new post-Brexit trading rules, our importing tips can help provide clarification. Read our 'Top Ten Post-Brexit Importing Tips'
UK Business Economy

How Has Brexit Impacted British International Trade

Whilst British goods remain valuable in the overseas market, many UK businesses are facing post-Brexit trading uncertainty.
Financial services - London

Disruptions To UK Financial Services Post-Brexit

Following the Brexit transition period, there have been a number of disruptions impacting cross border financial services. Read about the effect of Brexit on UK Financial Services sector...
No-deal Brexit risk between EU and UK

Pound Sterling Expected To Recover From Brexit Anxieties

UK market sentiment appears to be improving with Brexit related issues taking a backseat and vaccine progressions at the forefront.
Rishi Sunak to increase tax

Rishi Sunak assessing ways to cover UK’s huge COVID-19 debt

With UK finances in dire straits, Rishi Sunak is assessing ways to cover the COVID-19 debt but British businesses are calling for more financial aid. The Chancellor could introduce a new levy on online sales to help combat the government's ...
COVID-19 vaccine success

COVID-19 vaccine rollout key for UK economy and GBP recovery

Pound Sterling tumbled after Boris Johnson announced lockdown 3. With most of the UK economy closed, GBP recovery depends on COVID vaccine rollouts. Leading economists have warned that...
Unlock UK Economy

British pound sheds post-Brexit gains amid new lockdown

Rishi Sunak unveils GBP 4BN support package for UK businesses after lockdown announcement but the British pound continues to erase post-Brexit gains. Chancellor Rishi Sunak said the new support grants would provide UK businesses with certainty and help them...
Unlock UK Economy

UK retail sales and economy reverse due to lockdown

UK retail sales decline in November due to COVID-19 lockdown restrictions. Rishi Sunak extends the furlough scheme to support the UK economy in 2021. Also, read important updates on property market officials pressuring the UK government to extend the stamp duty holiday.
UK Business Economy

How will Brexit impact UK businesses in 2021 and beyond?

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Is your business prepared for Brexit? 2021 will be a period of significant change for most UK businesses. We look at the potential effect on UK businesses across a number of sectors...
foreign exchange bank transfer

Foreign Exchange: Hidden Bank Costs Impacting UK Businesses

Discover how thousands of UK businesses are financially impacted as a result of hidden bank costs when sending international payments. A survey on small businesses discovered that 80% of companies were unaware of the real cost of making international payments via a high street bank...