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6 Tips for Expanding Your Business Internationally in 2022

In today’s global economy, expanding your business to an international market is appealing for many reasons especially when it comes to increasing profit margins. Recent studies show that 45% of middle-market companies make more than half of their revenue overseas.

Benefits of global expansion in 2022

In today’s global economy, expanding your business to an international market is appealing for many reasons especially when it comes to increasing profit margins. Recent studies show that 45% of middle-market companies make more than half of their revenue overseas.

Top Tips for Importing and Exporting for Start-Ups

If you’re thinking about buying a property within an EU country post-Brexit, here are some potential restrictions to be aware of.
Shell launches share buyback programme

Spike in oil prices boosts Shell’s profits and dividends

Shell boosts dividends and launches share buybacks after a spike in oil prices sends the company’s Q2 profits soaring. Stock markets are also enjoying “Super Thursday” but Bank of England (BoE) risks pose a threat to UK stocks. Pound Sterling’s rally also risks slowing down in the wake of next week’s BoE event...
Ray Ban smart glasses

Facebook confirms release of Ray-Ban smart glasses

Facebook has cashed in on coronavirus lockdowns with its latest earning report showing that quarterly growth surged to USD 110M a day. Although the Californian tech titan has warned of a slowdown in revenue growth in the forthcoming quarters, Mark Zuckerberg’s ambitions to build a “Facebook metaverse” will create a new wave of growth opportunities...
Board room

Is risk management essential for driving business growth

A new EY survey of board members has explored whether risk management has become essential to strengthening resilience against future disruption in the current uncertain environment. The board members believe that risk management will be critical in enabling business growth over the next five years...
UK supermarkets say pingdemic is impacting food supplies

UK supermarkets warn of pingdemic impact on food supply

British supermarkets have warned of the “pingdemic” threat to food supplies and business. Some of the UK’s supermarket chains, including ASDA, Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons have reported staff shortages amid rising COVID cases, as in-store employees and delivery workers are being forced to self-isolate after being “pinged” for being in close contact with someone that’s tested positive for the virus...
Foreign Exchange Currency Risk

A guide to business risk management

Risks are present within every industry and can create catastrophic consequences if not managed accordingly. Although all businesses are subject to a degree of risk, it is particularly prominent within the financial services industry. Identifying the risks within forex trading can be a complex topic but is essential for those in the industry to master to become a lucrative FX trader.
UK Business Confidence

Accelerating business growth during the coronavirus pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic proved to be a make or break moment for thousands of businesses worldwide, with many forced to make quick pivots to align with changing economic climate. With coronavirus forcefully disrupting global economies, businesses have had no choice but to accommodate new trends and best practices to avoid being outdistanced by their competitors.
Supply chains are under pressure due to the 'pingdemic'

UK government borrowing falls as economy reopens

UK government borrowing fell year-on-year during June 2021 by GBP 5.5 billion following the reopening of the UK economy. UK borrowing levels hit record highs during the pandemic, with billions spent on support measures such as the furlough scheme. The rise in borrowing has pushed UK government debt to over GBP 2.2 trillion, equating to 99.7% gross domestic product (GDP)
Riski Sunak Budget

Rishi Sunak could delay the Autumn budget to next year

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UK Chancellor Rishi Sunak is considering delaying the Autumn 2021 budget to next year to allow him to assess further the economic impact of the UK government's business support schemes. The potential delay follows news that many Conservative MPs are anxious that the end of the furlough scheme could impact the UK's economic recovery from COVID-19.
London and Brussels disagree on Brexit divorce bill value

UK and EU clash over Brexit divorce bill valuation

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The UK and the EU are on a fresh collision course over the value of the Brexit divorce bill. Britain’s estimate of the Brexit divorce bill is GBP 3BN lower than Brussels approximation, with the UK insisting that there is only GBP 37BN to be paid and the European Union claiming that GBP 40BN is outstanding...
UK inflation increased to 2.5% in the 12 months to June 2021

UK inflation rises to 2.5% in June 2021

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New data reveals that UK inflation increased to 2.5% in the 12 months to June 2021, surpassing the Bank of England's (BoE) 2% target rate for a second consecutive month. The US has also experienced a surge in inflation, rising to a 13-year high of 5.4% during the same period. However, central Banks have labelled the rise as transitory and believe inflation rates will return to normal levels in 2022.
Creative Economy

What is the creative economy

The creative economy describes various activities based on creative imagination, covering various creative industries, from performing arts to architecture. Providing jobs to millions of people worldwide, Deloitte says the creative economy is likely to be a key driver of economic growth as countries re-emerge from the coronavirus pandemic.
Emigrating abroad

How to Relocate Staff Overseas Successfully

International employee relocation can bring business opportunities, but getting it right requires plenty of planning. This article outlines key things to consider when you relocate staff overseas as part of an office relocation or expatriate placement and provides you with a handy checklist.
IR35 tax changes

Global corporate tax reform plans backed by G20 nations

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US President Joe Biden’s international tax reform received the backing of the G20 nations after being approved by G7 countries last month. The historical agreement will see some of the world’s largest tech firms, including Apple, Amazon and Google endorse a minimum global tax rate of 15% on their profits.
Individual income tax return form,

June Updates from KPMG’s EU Tax Centre

Take a look as we break down the highlights from KPMG's European tax updates from the month of June, covering developments from the European Commission to the European Parliament Subcommittee. Meanwhile, tax experts argue that the G7 global corporate tax deal does little to benefit emerging markets.

Technology trends for business leaders

Technology has become the cornerstone of large-scale business strategies, providing a firm foundation for various industries. A recent study conducted by management consulting firm McKinsey has identified a list of the latest technology trends to help business leaders stay on top of the ever-changing tech landscape.