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GBP/USD: Pound Declines as Lockdown Extension Looks Likely

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Discover the reasons for the pound’s decline this week as we discuss the effects that an extended UK lockdown could have on the economy.
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US Dollar falls back after President drops the Easter recovery deadline

  Sterling recovers on significant profit-taking Last week of the quarter overshadowed by the ‘C’ word   As most Brits start their 2nd week of isolation, ‘spoiler alert’ this week’s data will be mostly dire.…
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Pound Sterling Rallies Against the Euro and US Dollar

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It has been an incredibly wavering journey for the pound during the past few weeks. Although we have witnessed countless sterling struggles, there have been some significant progressions and revelations over the past 24 hours. 
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US COVID-19 cases and Stocks surge as US Dollar weakens

  The US Dollar is set to end the week as the worst performing currency as corrections in the financial markets extend to tackle the spread of COVID-19. Asian stock markets are generally performing better after another day of strong…
US unemployment benefits application rise by 3.28 million in the last week

Unemployment claims: 3.28m claim unemployment benefits in the US

A whopping 3.28 million Americans have filed unemployment claims and have applied for unemployment benefits in the last week in response to the economic impact that the Coronavirus pandemic has had on many US companies and their employees. Why…
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Here is today’s economic data to watch out for

  US jobless will be first economic data to reflect COVID-19 impact US Senate passes $2.2 trillion support package   No one can be surprised that business and consumer sentiment is weaker and that housing and car sales…
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Sterling bounced back as the battle against Coronavirus wages on

Sterling has bounced back today against major currency pairs, in part due to a rally in the stock markets, as financial services are important to the UK economy. The currencies market was also cheered by news that the US Senate had agreed on…
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What are the reasons behind Sterling’s rebound?

This working from home confuses your pets, doesn’t it. Whilst the UK economic data was not bad this morning, Sterling’s rebound probably has more to do with a combination of profit-taking and an appreciation of the UK’s ramping up of…
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What is Happening to the Euro Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic?

Amid the coronavirus chaos, we have continued to see significant disruptions across global currency markets. Within these turbulent times, however, there appears to be one currency which has outperformed its peers. The euro has remained one of the strongest currencies since news of the coronavirus first broke. Here we summarise the euro's performance, the GBP/EUR latest news and the most recent currency movements. 

Today’s PMI figures to be affected by the Coronavirus pandemic

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The Federal Reserve’s unlimited quantitative easing (QE) gave no boost to US stocks, although Asian markets have responded rather positively. Strong gains are seen in major indices. The US Dollar has weakened off, followed by Swiss Franc,…