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Everything you need to know about the education in New Zealand

If you are moving to New Zealand or doing an year abroad, here is everything you need to know about education in New Zealand.. 
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Everything You Need To Know About Getting a New Zealand Visa

There are many different types of NZ visas available New Zealand visas available for immigration purposes, but knowing which one is needed to emigrate can be a confusing process. Our currency and emigration experts, along with insights provided by The Emigration Group, have considered all the types of visas and which one is eligible for different situations. So here is everything you need to know about getting a New Zealand visa.
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Going home: Why move back to Australia and New Zealand?

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With the ongoing Brexit uncertainty, many Australian and New Zealand citizens in the UK are considering moving back home. Following the popular Going Home seminars from the Australia-United Kingdom Chamber of Commerce, Halo Financial considers reasons for returning and how to make a smooth move.
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GBP | NZD Quarterly Forecast January – March 2020

  Here are the main points of the GBPNZD Q1 forecast in 2020:   What difference will the US-China trade deal signing make? Disappointing NZ business surveys NZ average property prices at new high Triple hint at…

Japanese Yen and other currencies beat Dollar

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The US Dollar fell in early trading as Asian markets considered continued concerns about the US-China trade wars and markets have turned to alternative risk-friendly currencies. The Japanese Yen, and Gold, often viewed as the ultimate ‘safe haven' in many investors’ minds, benefitted. Even Sterling strengthened against its American currency counterpart, thanks to weaker currency partners and a pick-me-up from the political polls. The election uncertainty continues to set Sterling’s fortunes.

Much more for markets before there is time to be thankful

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You would be forgiven for thinking that it may be quiet in the US for Thanksgiving week, but there are a number of key economic announcements expected and, as always, a public holiday can lead to increased activity in the currency markets

Trade and political tensions driving currency markets

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The data diary for the US is light this week, in the run up to the Thanksgiving holiday, but some key announcements include Tuesday’s home construction figures and the Jobless Claims report due on Thursday. Housing starts showed a drop for September, which was hoped to be a temporary blip, so those keeping a close eye on the US markets will have been relieved to see a significant rebound this time around, with building permits up to the highest level since 2007.

Political shifts could put pressure on the Pound

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Signs of political shifts are the focus for UK news in the run up to the General Election. It seems from a new poll that more “working classes” are supporting the Conservative Party, rather than their traditional supporter base of “upper classes”. A survey by ComRes for The Daily Telegraph reported an eight percent increase in voters in the DE socio-economic group are willing to vote for the Conservatives in the 12th December election, compared to the previous election in 2017. In contrast, the number of voters in the AB group saying they support Boris Johnson’s party has fallen by six percent since they voted for Theresa May’s Conservatives in 2017, and the Centre for Social Justice has also found in their survey last week that support for Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party has fallen ten percent with voters on a total income below £17,000.

Sterling and NZD start week surprise strongest currencies

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The week started slowly on the data and economic front, with Veterans Day in the USA and a number of public holidays across the globe to remember those we lost in past conflicts.  This didn’t stop currency or stock markets  from moving, however, or indeed stop politics from influencing these market movements.

Reserve Bank of New Zealand surprises by doing nothing

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The Conservative Party extended their lead in most polls after the Brexit party’s decision to stand down most of their candidates. Nigel Farage is suggesting the Tories should stand down their own candidates in constituencies where they haven’t won for 100 years to improve the Brexit party’s chances where they are fielding candidates. Either way, the Pound held on to its gains yesterday after the unemployment rate fell to 3.8%, but average earnings growth slowed to 3.6%; lower, but still more than double the rate of inflation. Speaking of which, we will get the UK consumer price inflation data this morning. Something like 1.7% is the most likely outcome. Sterling should maintain its strength unless the actual data disappoints.