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Currency markets

Access live currency exchange rates, currency charts and foreign exchange news, brought to you by award-winning foreign exchange service, Halo Financial. Our free currency exchange tools and updates, alongside a uniquely personalised currency service, enable our clients to stay on top of the currency markets and make the most of their overseas money transfers.
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Popular Currency Exchange Rates

With our quick and easy exchange rates tool, you can navigate between a number of different currencies. The exchange rates shown are indicative rates and should be used as a guide only. The rates are based on interbank prices - the rate at which banks and brokers buy and sell to each other. These are updated every 15 minutes. The quoted rates are not available for transactions below interbank volumes (typically tens of millions of pounds at a time). As exchange rates fluctuate by the second and vary depending on the amount and product bought and sold we recommend you contact us or register online to obtain an accurate quote. For more information on the best exchange rates Halo Financial can offer, request a call back from a currency specialist on the Halo Financial team.
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Key central bank interest rates

Explore the latest information on central bank interest rates for key countries, including relevant dates and current rates. At Halo Financial, we are proud to provide a comprehensive service to our customers, ensuring businesses and private individuals alike, benefit from access to accurate real-time information, making us a key partner for our customers worldwide.
Central bank Current interest rate
Reserve Bank of Australia 0.75%
Bank of Canada 1.75%
European Central Bank 0.00%
Bank of Japan -0.10%
Reserve Bank of New Zealand 1.00%
South African Reserve Bank 6.50%
Swiss National Bank -0.75%
Bank of England 0.75%
Federal Reserve Bank 1.75%
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