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Forward trades

Forward trade

Trade now, pay later...

Forward trades enable you to set an exchange rate and settle your currency trade later, on or before an agreed date. This can be up to 24 months in advance. It's a 'trade now, pay later' type trade. Because the rate is fixed, your exchange rate will be protected from currency movements during the time you have agreed. This is ideal for future payments at times when exchange rates are volatile, so you do not lose money from unfavorable currency market movements between now and the time you need to make your payment.

You can either make your international payment in full or in multiple payments on different dates, by drawing down from the initial lump sum.

As an individual
This is useful if you have bought an overseas property, for example, and need to pay different amounts on fixed instalment dates, as you can guarantee the amount you will need to pay each time and budget more effectively.

As a business
If you have a supplier to pay in instalments over a set period, you can arrange to set the exchange rate now for your future currency trades, so you know exactly what you will be paying for every instalment and it will not change with fluctuating exchange rates.

Benefits of using a Forward trade:

  • Guarantee a rate now for future currency trades: protect your currency from market movements by setting an exchange rate now for settlement in the future.
  • Easy budgeting: know exactly what you will need to pay now for future currency trades, as the exchange rate is locked in for the time that you set.
  • Flexibility: make multiple payments from the initial lump sum and set the length of the Forward trade for a time that suits your needs
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Extremely efficient service, as always
Mr & Mrs Ellis - 11th Dec
Very good although sometimes there is a breakdown in email communication. Hoiwever, I have been a customer for at least nine years and have been totally satisfied with my service.thank you
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25th Sep
quick responses and process when I urgently needed a transfer of money.
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Courteous, speedy service and a very good rate. Comms excellent throughout.
David Perry - 17th Aug
"Very responsive , excellent service"
Responded promptly to email request for money transfer
16th Aug
"Excellent Service. Easy to arrange transfers. "
I have used Halo for many years and I have always had excellent service. Helpful, considerate and prompt. I have no hesitation in recommending Halo. A great team.
Mr Peter Burd - 16th Aug