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A miniature man and a miniuature woman sitting on top of a pile of coins representing gender equality

Gender equality – getting women into finance in 2021

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Whilst figures have improved over the years, there is still a shortage of women in finance in the UK, with initiatives such as the women in finance charter hoping to improve gender equality.
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How is Coronavirus Affecting International Trade

As the world continues to recover from the coronavirus crisis, we take a look at how the virus has impacted trade so far.
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IMF Raises forecast for global economic outlook

Following a financially devastating year for major economies, the IMF has raised their outlook for 2021 as vaccines and stimulus measures help buoy major economies.
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How Do Global Retailers Manage Business Uncertainty Amid Coronavirus?

Halo Financial discusses the best way for businesses to navigate during times of uncertainty as non-essential businesses prepare to reopen in April.
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How will Brexit impact UK businesses in 2021 and beyond?

Is your business prepared for Brexit? 2021 will be a period of significant change for most UK businesses. We look at the potential effect on UK businesses across a number of sectors...