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COVID-19 travel restrictions

When Can UK Tourists Travel to Europe

Whilst the UK economy looks to open up from April, there is great uncertainty surrounding travel abroad, particularly within the EU. EU leaders have discussed the option of vaccine passports to help tourists travel abroad this summer.
Britons summer holiday plans

UK holiday bookings soar after lockdown roadmap announcement

Vaccine passports could be ready within weeks to allow Britons to holiday safely this summer. But some prime destinations could be off-limits. Airlines, agents and operators have reported a significant increase in summer holiday bookings since Boris Johnson announced...
UK bans travel between Britain and South America

Travel bans imposed in Europe over new Brazil COVID variant

UK reimposes travel ban against Portugal due to reports of a new Brazil COVID variant reinfecting those who have fought off COVID-19. British government has prohibited travel between the UK and the whole of South America, Portugal, Panama and...