International payments made easy: Supporting UK business’s expansion to the US

The United States of America remains the world’s largest economy, offering attractive business development prospects for companies looking to expand overseas. However, as well as the financial advantages that come with this, there are a number of financial risks to consider.

The US is a notoriously competitive landscape, so it’s important to budget for the financial implications that come with expanding a UK business to the US market. This includes managing risks around international payments and foreign currency exchange.

Our team is here to walk you through some of the key considerations around international payments to help your business make informed decisions.

Why should foreign exchange be a central part of your international expansion strategy?

Business expansion into international markets can leave your business open to a number of financial risks. Having a comprehensive foreign exchange strategy allows your business to protect its profit margins and make the most of your currency exchanges. Seeking specialist foreign exchange services also provides protection against currency volatility and avoids transfer fees associated with making international payments via a bank.

Supporting global expansion with currency hedging solutions

Automated orders
An automated order allows you to buy or sell currency at a predetermined exchange rate and international payments are only processed once this is met. Using an automated order, businesses can target a more favourable exchange rate and protect against further market fluctuations for less immediate currency exchanges.

Forward trades
A forward trade enables you to mitigate currency risk against ever-moving exchange rates. Simply select your favourable exchange rate now and make a payment up to 12 months in the future. This allows businesses to plan in advance for international payments and protect against moving exchange rates within the chosen time frame.

Spot rates
A spot rate accommodates same-day currency exchanges at the current exchange rate, for any immediate international payments. Using expert insights, a currency specialist helps you to discover the best time to make a currency trade and maximise the current exchange rate.

As part of our award-winning services, we keep our clients informed with currency market updates and daily currency insights. This enables them to make informed decisions and process their own online currency trades using their Halo Online account.

Making it easier to expand UK business to the US with our award-winning client services and solutions

Market analysis
As part of our bespoke consultancy solutions, we provide a thorough analysis of the foreign exchange market and monitor the currency rates around the clock. This expert knowledge allows your business to expand internationally with confidence, by budgeting for any currency downturns and maximising positive exchange rate movements.

Foreign exchange risk management

As foreign exchange specialists, we manage currency risk for our clients through a bespoke three-step plan tailored to their exact requirements.

1. Your personal currency specialist learns about your business, specific currency requirements, and any areas which might make you susceptible to currency risks when expanding internationally

2. We then design a custom strategy to meet your specific business needs and goals, whilst protecting you against these identified currency risks

3. We continually review this strategy, adjusting it to meet your changing requirements in line with any further business development.

Great British Pounds (GBP) to United States Dollars (USD) currency exchange

If you’re looking to expand to the US, some of your key considerations will be paying salaries, utilities for your premises, and costs associated with your supply chain in the local currency. The political and financial climate can heavily influence the Great British Pound (GBP) to United States Dollar (USD) exchange rate. Monitoring this can prove to be time-consuming but with Halo Financial, it’s easy to stay in the loop.

The expertise of our currency specialists and our GBP to USD conversion data keeps you up to date with the daily exchange rate. This ensures you’re getting the best value for your currency exchange. We update our GBP to USD exchange rate daily, but our clients also receive free exchange rate alerts and currency news directly to their inboxes. Register for a Halo account today to make comprehensive foreign exchange services a central part of your international expansion strategy.

Trust Halo Financial to manage your foreign currency solutions for expanding to the US

We’re proud to take a client-centered approach to-nonsense foreign exchange. By bringing a personal touch to your foreign exchange strategy, we make the process of expanding internationally simpler.

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