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Britain flag and EU flag painted on a paper house hanging on a rope, symbolising Brexit impact on overseas property.

How will Brexit impact overseas property owners and buyers in 2020?

What will happen to Brits who own a home in another EU member state in the result of a Brexit? 
A palette and a brush with the European flag on painting the UK flag on a wall, symbolising the impact of Brexit on UK art.

How Brexit Will Impact the UK art market in 2020 – Key Insights from Olyvia Kwok

Olyvia Kwok is a prominent art collector with over 15 years of experience investing in art all around the world. She became well-known in the art industry at just 22 when she brought a Chinese scroll painting at an auction and later sold it at another auction house, making a hugely impressive return on her investment. Kwok later opened a successful art firm in St James London, and she now offers bespoke art investment services to private individuals and companies.
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How to start a business after Brexit in the UK in 2020

However you feel about the referendum vote, and the decision to leave the EU, there’s no doubting the profound effect it will have on the UK economy and, in turn, small businesses. 
Map of europe with the national flag colours. Brexit referendum UK - United Kingdom, Great Britain or England leaving EU - European Union, British vote to exit.

UK left the EU... 18 months of commercial relationship negotiations ahead

  Central banks on hold and markets move Manufacturing and employment rule the week   Who’d have thought it; the UK left the EU and the world didn’t end. It’s a miracle. To be fair, nothing much has changed yet;…
Sunset View with Mount St Helens from deck of luxury homes in Happy Valley Oregon in Clackamas County

What Brexit means for international property buyers

The effects of the UK leaving the EU, especially Brexit and international property, are still being debated. Peter Robinson, CEO of the Association of International Property Professionals (AIPP), discusses the implications for overseas property buyers and those who are emigrating with Halo Financial
Brexit Day Next Steps

What next for the Pound after the election?

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So, it came down to a Brexit election in the end, as votes for what have historically been Labour seats turned to the Conservatives, surprising even some of the most seasoned Tory MPs.

Countdown to the UK general election

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There are just two days to go until perhaps one of the most important elections in recent UK history, which will have a huge impact, no matter which political party you're aligned with. Nha

Japanese Yen and other currencies beat Dollar

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The US Dollar fell in early trading as Asian markets considered continued concerns about the US-China trade wars and markets have turned to alternative risk-friendly currencies. The Japanese Yen, and Gold, often viewed as the ultimate ‘safe haven' in many investors’ minds, benefitted. Even Sterling strengthened against its American currency counterpart, thanks to weaker currency partners and a pick-me-up from the political polls. The election uncertainty continues to set Sterling’s fortunes.

Markets lose sense of direction on trade fear risks

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Asian markets were in risk aversion mode after more US-China worries set the US Dollar moving downwards overnight. Trade talks between the US and China seemed to be moving backwards instead of forwards, as the anticipated trade tariff roll backs seem to move farther into the distance. The uncertainty over the ongoing trade wars and dashed hopes of reaching a conclusion have driven volatility in the currency markets, as investors are moving to the traditional “safe haven” currencies and Gold. From the US perspective, it seems like the trade talks can wait. The markets, however, aren’t so sure.

Sterling slides on weak manufacturing data

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British shoppers bucked the trend and spent more in November than anyone forecast. When you adjust for the shifting black Friday event, the growth is just below 1% year on year. Sterling held its ground on the news but had already been knocked by poor manufacturing data released yesterday.